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23 Jul 2021

By Steve Jacobson

Decorative poinsettias

Even in Los Angeles, it is beginning to look a lot like Christmas. The traditional holiday decor is appearing everywhere, from storefront windows to corporate lobbies. Whether you are looking to adorn a commercial space or dress up your dining room at home, decorative poinsettias are one of the most recognizable flowers of the season. With a variety of sizes, and festive colors of white, red and pink ' nothing signals the beginning of the holiday like these gorgeous blooms. And for the highest quality poinsettias in L.A., no one beats French Florist.

Native to Mexico, the poinsettia plant is easy to care for and will last for months if maintained properly. Simply keep your flower in temperatures of between 65-75 degrees F, avoid any drafts (warm or cold), and water when the soil is dry to the touch. As poinsettias hate to be waterlogged, make sure the excess water drains completely.
decorative poinsettiasIs Your Poinsettia Healthy? If a few leaves fall off the plant when you first bring it home, don't worry. They tend to do this when adjusting to a new environment. However, if leaves continue to yellow and drop off, check to make sure the plant is not in a cold draft or sitting in excess water.

Garden baskets combine decorative poinsettias, peace lilies, kalanchoe and pine cones for a beautiful holiday display perfect for offices as well as gifts for colleagues, friends, and customers. To browse all of our Christmas plants, make sure to check out the Holiday Gift Guide ' we have something for everyone on your list!

decorative poinsettias

Once all your poinsettias are ordered, you may wish to consider stunning holiday bouquets,unique collectibles, and centerpieces for your table. You can rest assured that you will receive exceptional holiday decor, handcrafted and designed by our award-winning professionals. We'll even help Santa out and deliver all of your gifts for you ' it doesn't get any easier than that. Make your holiday beautiful, with amazing florals and gifts from French Florist.


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