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23 Jul 2021

By Steve Jacobson

Hanukkah is quickshutterstock_167364551ly approaching, which means now is the time to get the home looking festive and prepared for the holiday season. Many people will spend at least a few nights of the holiday period celebrating with their friends and family, so decorating the residence so it gets everyone in the holiday mood is a wonderful way to begin the festivities. While setting up the family menorah and bring out some dreidels and gold coins for the children are essential, adding some fresh flowers to the decorations can be a wonderful addition that brings light and life to the home for the festivities. Here are some easy ways to use flowers for this upcoming Hanukkah.

zoom_740698Capture winter and the colors of Hanukkah in the centerpiece

A well chosen centerpiece can help bring the entire table together, inviting everyone to sit down and stay for hours discussing stories from holidays past. Keep with the traditional associations and meaning of Hanukkah by selecting a centerpiece that has candles. At the same time, keep with the traditional colors and blue and white to match the rest of the decor. Since Hanukkah does begin right around the start of winter, using different additions, such as pinecones and a bit of evergreen to allude to the cold winter outdoors, bringing even more symbolism to the arrangement.

Use the elegance and syzoom_FW1199121206121132mbolism of white to decorate around the home

White roses are one of the most be loved flowers. They offer a rich symbolism of love, respect, and hope for the future while also lending themselves to rich elegance. In the winter, they also call to mind the beauty of the winter while also speaking to the traditional colors of Hanukkah. Set smaller arrangements of white roses around the house, including the kitchen and living room, to help make the entire home look prepared for the holiday season. Look to add flowers anywhere guests or family might congregate to socialize. Select a smaller arrangement that will not be overbearing when used multiple times on side tables, counters, and mantels.

zoom_FW963H121206103425A welcoming entrance

Welcome guests to the home with a large bouquet of blue and white flowers, such as blue delphinium and white larkspur and lilies. These flowers will look fantastic with the rest of the Hanukkah decor while also sharing their beauty with all who come to the home. This type of larger  is perfect for a main entranceway to the home.

Hanukkah is quickly approaching, and now is the perfect time to get ready for the festivities. Add some fresh flowers to the decorations this year and watch how easily they help light up the home.



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