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23 Jul 2021

By Steve Jacobson

It may never snow in Los Angelshutterstock_235167862es, and there will never be weather that comes anything close to what the cold parts of the United States face, but that doesn't mean that you can't get a little creative with your decorating this Christmas.

Consider the benefit of being able to imaginatively capture the essence of winter at Christmastime without ever having to deal with the wet, slushy, frosty, frozen mess. Hopefully, your Christmas shopping is done, most of the gifts are wrapped, and the major decorating ' the holiday symbol ' a Christmas tree is complete.

zoom_FW7030-14121295924Now it's time to deal with another aspect of decorating, and this is one that will create that classically whimsical, warm and inviting environment that you want your home to be, whether for your immediate family, or for the droves of out of town and visiting local guests who are bound to stop by.

To help you pick out the most festive holiday flower arrangements, we've come up with some ideas ' taken from the huge selection of Christmas flowers you'll find at French's Florist in Los Angeles.

When people gather around the dining room table, you may have laid out your good china, your best table linens, and whatever else you traditionally do to create a memorable holiday meal table. Top everything off with the 'Glorious Winter Centerpiece' ' an unusual combination of orchids, pine, cedar and berries with pine cones, accented with rope and burlap bows. If you're going for a rustic, yet festive decorating scheme, this will stop people in their tracks because it's so unexpected.

For the console table in your fozoom_966539852024b70063f7o-14112644646yer, or behind the sofa ' either in the great room or any other family gathering area, look no farther than 'red, White and Green Artistry.' This spectacularly gorgeous and amazingly elegant tall arrangement consists of a cluster of Ecuadorian red roses, exotic red ginger, stately white calla lilies, white Oriental lilies, festive Bells of Ireland, all artfully arranged in a tall glass vase with accents of Hawaiian Ti leaves, and stems of fragrant Eucalyptus, finished with curly willow vine sprigs. It's the sort of knock your socks off arrangement that will blow people away, but win you an abundance of compliments because of its sheer beauty.

When you want to capture the feeling of an early morning snowfall on a bright sunny day ' something that's no so easy to do in warm and sunny Los Angeles, we've got you covered with the 'First Snowfall' arrangement. Put it on any table in your home ' whether it's as the centerpiece of a small dining room table where it will delight your guests, or as an elegant focal point for a coffee table or fireplace mantel.

This combination of snow white tulips, red roses, red berries and much more is sure to crank up the icy winter chill ' even if you've got the air conditioning on. Accents of pine cones with snowy dust-like tips really help this delightful arrangement create the illusion of a snowy winter Christmas morning.



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