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23 Jul 2021

By Steve Jacobson

wearable flowers

School dances and proms give us the opportunity to look at wearable flowers in a fresh new way from singular blooms showcased on their own to clusters of showy florals. These arrangements are designed to be worn on shoulder straps, on wrists, even on shoes, and the add glamorous beauty to your prom dress or tuxedo!

Whether a spring formal or senior prom, a graduation ceremony or a brunch with Mom on Mother's Day, French Florist has the unique creations and floral adornments that will turn heads all over Los Angeles. 

wearable flowers

Although a corsage was originally worn on the bodice of a dress an everyday attempt to ward off evil spirits and still is often pinned to the gown, young ladies are always looking for new ways to incorporate flowers into their look. Wrist corsages are the most popular wearable flowers at proms and dances, but less traditional florals are also desired for unique and personal expressions. These include floral crowns, floral bracelets, custom floral hairpieces. floral rings, and even floral decorations to attach to shoes.

Orchids, roses, and carnations are the most often seen in corsages, but calla lilies, succulents, and organic elements such as berries are also popular.  Ribbons, jewelry, feathers, and sequins are also great ways to add interest and color. wearable flowers The word boutonniere is of French origin (as is corsage) and means little button, referring to the custom of placing the single flower into a buttonhole of a suit. Boutonniere, like all wearable flowers, can be traditional or trendy, and easily matched to the other flowers in the ensemble. Looking for something a little different? Trust our professional floral designers to create something custom using your color scheme and our creative talent.

Don't forget, Mother's Day is May 14 and a beautiful corsage will let Mom know that you think she is spectacular! Call French Florist today for all your formal flower needs!


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