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23 Jul 2021

By Steve Jacobson

dorm decor

It's just about time for college students to return to school-  or leave home for the first time! Students will soon begin to think about how they will organize and decorate their dorm rooms. As they do, consider adding some dorm dcor of your own that will remind students how much they mean to you while they are away. Flowers and plants are a great and lasting way to send a little bit of home along with your student as they set out on their own. The floral experts at French Florist have some great insight about which designs would best suit a college dorm room.

There are plenty of reasons to give or send plants or flowers to your college student. Dorm rooms are often tight living spaces, and plants are natural air purifiers. Having plants and flowers in your work and living space reduces stress and optimizes productivity. Keeping plants on or near a desk will improve your student's efficiency, accuracy and memory function. What a great way to set them up for success! One particular flower that will add greenery and color to your student's dorm room is the Cymbidium Orchid. These versatile flowers come in many colors and are long-lasting with little required maintenance.

dorm decor

Contained in a clear glass vase with stalks of bamboo or willow, the Cymbidium Orchid Desktop Garden adds fresh greenery to dorm decor without taking up a lot of space.

dorm decor

Another incredible example of this exotic orchid is our Cymbidium Delight, featured above. One of our most popular palettes green and purple will add pops of color to your student's room.

If orchids aren't your student's favorite, consider brightening his or her dorm room decor with a bouquet of fresh flowers in their school's colors. Roses and tulips, for example, can be found in virtually every color. Call the floral designers at French Florist today to discuss a custom arrangement that will cheer your college student on to success. And don't forget, we deliver throughout Los Angeles and across the country!


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