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23 Jul 2021

By Steve Jacobson

lawn and gardenApril is lawn and garden month ? everything is blooming, the sun is shining and our thoughts turn to sprucing up the outdoors. As people begin preparing their yards, choices are made as to which types of plants will be added for interest and color. Many of the potted plants available at our flower shop can be re-planted in your garden once you have enjoyed them indoors. But even if you do not have a yard ? or have little interest in lawn care ? lawn and garden month can still be celebrated!


Whether or not you are a weekend gardener, everyone loves the feeling of spring. New life, bright colors and fresh air combine to create an excitement like no other. The beautiful flowering plants and green plants at French Florist will make your patio, back porch or even your living room look like a spring day. Bring the outside in with a blooming kalanchoe or azalea plant; a sophisticated container of mums is also reminiscent of an outdoor garden.

lawn and garden


A popular and creative way to celebrate lawn and garden month is with an indoor garden. These spring collections are smaller versions of their outdoor counterparts, brought inside in a decorative basket. Violets, daisies, ivy and orchids are just some of the flowers that our designers have combined to make lovely floral arrangements that look right at home on your kitchen table or a foyer entrance way.



Whether you plan on planting them outside, or simply wish to celebrate spring with gorgeous flowering plants in your home ? French Florist of Los Angeles has a wide selection of seasonal displays. From hanging baskets on the front porch to potted pants on the back deck, we have everything you need.


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