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23 Jul 2021

By Steve Jacobson

carnationsFor countless people, January is the time for birthday festivities. To celebrate these birthdays, carnations are a fantastic gift. This is the official birth flower for the month, and these lovely blooms have an extensive history and a rich symbolism that stretches back to ancient times. Carnations have been cultivated and enjoyed for over 2,000 years.

Throughout this time, these gorgeous blooms have been carefully grown to produce a variety of colors, including pinks, reds, yellows and more. These different colors have all become associated with different emotions and life events. Pink carnations, for example, are strongly associated with the undying love of a mother. Red carnations are used to represent affection, admiration and love. White carnations are also used for love, but they can also be used to say, good luck. These flowers can be used throughout the month of January to celebrate birthdays, as well as on Mother's Day, St. Patrick's Day and Teacher's Day.

Those interested in giving carnations to those celebrating their birthdays this month should consider some of the many arrangements that we have to offer at French Florist. Here are three of our favorites.

Rose and Lily Splendor

This arrangement combines dainty roses with the rich colors of lilies and carnations to create a gorgeous bouquet that will look fantastic on a coffee table or an end table. They will help to make the entire room feel festive and ready for the birthday celebration.

Birthday Balloon Basket

This might be the perfect gift for saying Happy Birthday to a January birthday. The bouquet itself includes alstroemeria, carnations, chrysanthemums and roses, creating a variety of textures and colors that make the room look spectacular. The balloons and the lively basket used for the flowers make the gift that much more celebratory and will surely put a smile on the face of any recipient.

Garden Comforts

This basket arrangement is a wonderful way to light up the room. January might not be commonly associated with spring, but with this bouquet it will feel just like it. The carnations and larkspur are perfectly complemented with a small bird in a nest that looks so realistic you can almost hear it tweeting.

January is the perfect month to give to carnations as a birthday present. Those interested in finding the right arrangement should contact us at French Florist to learn more about our stunning flowers.


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