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23 Jul 2021

By Steve Jacobson

indoor plantsThere are several special holidays coming up ' Easter Sunday is April 16th, and Administrative Professionals /Secretaries Week begins April 23rd. In May, we'll have the opportunity to honor teachers on World Teachers' Day and caregivers on National Nurses' Day ' and of course, Mother's Day is not behind. What do all these significant occasions have in common? They give us the opportunity to show the very important and special people in our lives how much they mean to us ' and indoor plants and orchids are perfect gifts!

Then again, maybe you just want to transform the ambiance of your home or office with a green, natural vibe. No matter your reason for craving green and flowering plants, French Florist has the highest quality product ' and we want your plants to thrive! Have any questions bout indoor plants or orchids? Just stop into our Los Angeles shop. indoor plantsPlants of the Schefflera family include the popular umbrella and Arboricola varieties. They are easy to care for and provide an office with a professional yet lush, natural vibe. The most important thing to note about these plants is that they can be killed by overwatering ' watch for yellow leaves, which will indicate your plant is 'drowning'.  To properly hydrate the plant, refrain from watering until the soil in the pot is dry, and then soak the soil thoroughly.

You'll want to place your Schefflera in medium, filtered light. If the light is too direct or too bright, leaves could burn or scorch. If your plant begins to get 'leggy', or if it begins to droop, it probably needs more light.  If you are interested in these plants, or other green plants perfect for home or office decor, check out our collection. indoor plants

Orchids are a favorite flowering plant, as they add exotic style to any environment and decor. Whether Phalaenopsis orchids (shown above), known for their delicate butterfly-shaped flowers; or oncidium orchids their care is relatively easy. Most orchids prefer warm temperatures to 85 degrees during the day, and at least 50% humidity ' which explains why many people grow orchids on back porches and patios. They prefer bright light, but direct sunlight may scorch them, so be careful of too much exposure. Both varieties of orchid prefer their soil becomes nearly dry between waterings ' never allow the roots to remain in standing water or they will rot and could cause the plant to die. Hint: Morning misting of foliage is helpful during periods of hot weather. When watering or misting, using rainwater or distilled water is preferable to tap water which may cause mineral buildup.

This spring, fill your Los Angeles home with beautiful orchids and indoor plants ' and transform your environment in the most beautiful way. The floral designers at French Florist are eager to help you choose the very best indoor plants for every occasion.



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