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23 Jul 2021

By Steve Jacobson

birthday daisies

In the world of flowers, each month has an official representative a birth flower that acts as the ambassador both for the month and the season of one's birthday. As one of the most cheerful and fresh spring blooms, the daisy is perfect for April bouquets and to celebrate your loved one's birthdays. Whether the classic gold and yellow of the English daisy or the vivid vibrancy of a gerbera daisy, you can trust the experts at French Florist to create the most beautiful designs and exquisite bouquets. From anywhere in the Los Angeles area, give us a call and let's start creating something beautiful! birthday daisies
The daisy has an extensive family, which includes over 23,000 species ranging from the artichoke to the sunflower. The daisy has many interesting attributes for instance, the flower is completely edible. From the leaves to the petals, the daisy has a pleasant taste that people use in salads, soups, and sandwiches. The daisy has also been used for millennia as a medicinal treatment for many ailments as a tea it can quiet coughing and soothes gastric distress, and as an ointment, it helps wounds to heal.

The large, open, and colorful flower head of the gerbera daisy is a bold and beautiful design choice. When choosing your birthday daisies, you can choose a large arrangement of gerberas or feature these showstoppers in a mixed spring bouquet.

No matter your choice, the daisy is sure to deliver joy right to their doorstep. The expert floral designers at French Florist love to create stunning visual arrangements that will make people take notice. For their April birthday, choose flowers that will stand out from the crowd browse our collection online, or give us a call. We are committed to making Los Angeles more beautiful, one bouquet at a time.



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