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23 Jul 2021

By Steve Jacobson

pet halloween costumes

As your Los Angeles source for all things floral, we have the privilege of celebrating so many of life's events with you. From birthday arrangements to Valentine's Day bouquets, French Florist loves participating in your events and occasions. Each year,  we have a little fun with you, our friends and neighbors, by way of the per costume contest. So this week, in preparation for one of our favorite holidays of the year, we thought we would once again post some of our favorite pet Halloween costumes from years gone by. Last year, we had all canine participants, so this year, we are calling on our feline and reptilian pet parents as well let's have some fun!

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pet halloween costume

How great is it that this canine caped crusader brought along his human sidekick? Batman won the day, and was the popular winner for good reason. If we were bad guys, we couldn't help but surrender to this adorable guy.

We can't decide what we love more the fact that Shark Dog was so ferociously cute, or the fact that the dog in the background obviously wants in on the pet Halloween costumes action.

The doggy Darth Vader may be dressed as a villain, but that cute face gives him away there is no dark side in this fur baby. But we do love the costume and that face.

At French Florist, we love celebrating these colorful seasonal holidays. In fact you will find an entire collection of beautiful fall designs on our website, and we also invite you to stop into our shop for any custom designs you may need. Wed love to see you!


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