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23 Jul 2021

By Steve Jacobson

With the arrival of the summer season comes the siren song of the outdoors. It's an alluring orchestra of lapping waves on the beach, soothing breezes wafting through the air, and friendly commotion as people leave home to enjoy the sun.

Take part in summer's joyous spirit and bring along some flowers to your next outdoor picnic or playdate. They're certain to add to the mood of any summer outing.

Regal Roses

Exude high-end sophistication at your next summer gathering with our fine 'Garden of Roses' basket. Those attending are certain to marvel at your display's originality and boldness.

In choosing our white roses, you ensure that your picnic 'power play' is neither overstated nor understated. White roses symbolize purity and innocence, ensuring a subtle, quiet power. Finishing touches include the whimsical ivy strands and the rustic wicker basket.

Sublime Sunflowers

Few flower arrangements are as thematically appropriate for a summer picnic or playdate than our 'Basket of Sunflowers.'

Sunflowers capture the bursting luminescence of the radiant summer sun. They are inviting, warm, bold, and iconic. They're simply summertime incarnate.

The basket adds a quirky touch to the arrangement, and is an excellent other half to your picnic basket brimming with food.

Lovely Lilies

According to ancient Greek mythology, lilies were associated with virtue, piety, and Hera, the Greek queen of the gods. Lilies were said to spring forth wherever Hera traveled.

Become the modern embodiment of Hera by bringing our 'Lovely Lilies and Things' basket to your next outdoor event. This piece combines lilies, orchids, and roses to make for a divine ensemble. We also guarantee that no 'Lovely Lilies and Things' order is quite like the last.

Delightful Daisies

Daisies contain innumerable different meanings across world cultures. In Christian culture, the daisy symbolizes chastity and purity. In Nordic culture, it represents love and sensuality. In other Western cultures, it means simplicity in transformation.

At your picnic, it represents a great idea.

To capture the summer in a simple, refreshing manner, consider our 'A Splendor' floral arrangement. It features bright yellow gerbera daisies, tulips, and hydrangea to spruce up any summer event with just a twist of magic.

Pleasantly Patriotic

No other summer event draws people outside quite like the Fourth of July. Dazzling fireworks, crackling barbecues, reunions with family and friends, and many more holidays staples combine for a special celebration of America's birthday.

Top off the holiday (or any of your summer festivities) with our 'Colors of Our Country' bouquet, which features an explosive mix of carnations, daisies, delphinium, and more. Caution: This may upstage the fireworks.


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