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23 Jul 2021

By Steve Jacobson

thumbnailThis November people across the country will pause to remember the sacrifice made by so many individuals to fight for and defend this country. Veterans Day is a time to show appreciation for all that they have done, and there is no better way to do this than by giving flowers. Flowers offer a bit of life and beauty that everyone can appreciate, as they help to light up the room wherever they are placed. Those looking around for the best flower arrangements for the occasion should consider the following options.

Orange roses

Although red roses are associated with romantic love, orange roses have a different meaning entirely. Traditionally they are used to signify enthusiasm and gratitude, which are two emotions that those recognizing Veterans Day would like to capture. A bouquet or arrangement of orange flowers can also be used to signify friendships and love, which are also appropriate messages for the day. Even those who are not familiar with the exact messages associate with the flower selection should find the bouquet lovely and they will appreciate the sentiment behind it.thumbnail-1

Fall colors

Veterans Day comes at a time of year when many people are witnessing the changing of the trees and cooling temperatures while they begin to move increasingly indoors. The warmth of the fall colors can help light up the inside of homes, making the flowers even more appreciated. Daisies are a wonderful flower because they can bring a number of the rich fall colors into a single bouquet that perfectly matches the time of year. The soft fall colors of the flowers make them beautiful and appreciated by all.

thumbnail-2Patriotic memorial

Sadly, Veterans Day also serves as a common time to remember those who have passed who also served in the nation's armed forces, especially those who may have died in combat. Many loved ones use the day to visit gravesites and attend memorials. A patriotic flower arrangement may be the perfect marker to remember and thank those who sacrificed so much to defend the country. Look for one that uses red, white, and blue in a stunning arrangement.

Veterans Day is the time to say 'thank you' to all those who have helped to defend this nation, both living and deceased. Those looking for the perfect gift for either either a loved one or for a memorial should consider the above ideas and begin working to find the arrangement that will fit their particular situation best.


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