Beginner Friendly Plants


Beginner Friendly Plants

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09 Sep 2022

By Michael Jacobson

Cactus is easy to maintain
Photo by Thomas Verbruggen on Unsplash 

Gardening is an enjoyable and rewarding pastime, especially when you can watch the growth and bloom of beautiful plants and flowers over time. But for those without experience, it can be difficult to know where to start, as there are so many different plants to choose from, and plenty of jargon and equipment to understand.

To help you start your gardening adventure right, this handy guide identifies the best plants for beginners to grow, as well as some helpful tips on where to keep them and how to make them last.

Frequently asked questions

Many beginners to gardening have the same questions when they start out. These answers should help keep things as simple as possible and give the best chance of success with the first plants:

What’s the easiest plant to maintain for beginners?

Naturally, some plants are far easier to maintain than others, and these are the plants that best suit beginners who may either forget to carry out certain maintenance tasks or not always get them right. Beginners will do best with plants that don’t need regular watering and can thrive in almost any kind of light conditions. If you’re growing outdoors, then pansies, petunias, and aspidistras are a good starting point, while spider plants and cacti are excellent choices as indoor houseplants, as they’re tough and resilient.

Where should I keep my beginner-friendly plant?

The ideal positioning for plants will vary slightly depending on their characteristics. But generally speaking, they will best be served in places that get light and shade at different times during the day, and are easily accessible for watering. However, that shouldn’t come at the expense of being able to enjoy plants and watching them grow: ideally, they should be situated in a place where people can relax and admire them as they flourish.

How can I make my plant last longer?

It can be incredibly frustrating to watch plants wither or die after only a few weeks, but a number of simple tasks can help them maintain good health. Deadheading (removing withering blooms) creates space for new blooms to flourish and give plants a new lease of life. Ensuring they also get a good mix of shade as well as sun, and aren’t left to swelter in direct sunlight all day, is also important. It’s also worth considering adding fertilizer to the soil, especially those rich in nitrogen to stimulate growth, and phosphorus to support better flower production.

Buy your beginner-friendly plants today

Keep things simple, follow these easy tips, and getting started with plant growing doesn’t have to be intimidating. At French Florist, we sell a wide range of beginner-friendly plants - and with same-day delivery available across Los Angeles before 2 pm, you can get started today.

Explore our range here and find some plants that suit you, or get in touch with our team if you’d like some help and advice.


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