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23 Jul 2021

By Steve Jacobson

just because day

Just Because Day is coming up on August 27th. This is a day set aside to do what you want, without the need to give a reason. On Just Because Day, you can break the mold, think outside the box, and do something you've always wanted to do. There are plenty of ways you can observe this whimsical day. The design team at French Florist has a few suggestions- maybe one of these will inspire you to make your own list!

just because day

Just Because Day invites us to act on impulse and be a bit more whimsical than usual ' no practical reason necessary! Here are some of our staff's ideas for ways to have some fun:

  • * Take a long walk. If it is raining, go anyway!
    * Take a bike ride down a trail you've never explored.
    * Take the day off and get a pedicure or massage.
    * Send flowers to someone who would least expect it.
    * Bake a cake and bring it to a neighbor.
    * Compliment everyone in your office on the work they do.
    * Give a rose to your favorite waitress or barista.
    * Make a reservation at the restaurant you've been wanting to try
    * Eat dessert. Eat two desserts!

Sending flowers ' or delivering them yourself ' is a great way to say 'Happy Just Because Day!' Any kind of unexpected surprise will brighten someone's day, especially when your only reason is 'just because.'

When you choose to send beautiful flowers as a part of Just Because Day, choose the florist that Los Angeles has trusted for decades. The floral designers at French Florist can assist you in choosing the perfect bouquet, or give you ideas and inspiration to create your won custom arrangement. When it comes to flowers, you never need a reason to order them!


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