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23 Jul 2021

By Steve Jacobson

asterOne of the last flowers you'll see if you plant a spring garden is the aster, which usually blooms in the late summer and early fall in bright colors like purple, pink, and blue. An ideal perennial to extend the life of your garden, asters are also a beautiful accompaniment to desktop gardens and vases of fall flowers.

Like a Colorful Daisy

Asters resemble a daisy with their bright yellow center and fluttering petals, but they take the classic daisy design and bloom in lush colors. Some asters have so many petals that the centers are obscured, and gardeners have endless varieties of asters to choose for planting.

The genus Aster once contained several hundred species around the world, but modern science was able to inspect the flowers at the molecular level and narrow the genus down to around 180 different species. Common species you might see in North America have colorful names like Siberian asters, lava asters, and the calico aster, which is often called the 'Lady in Black.'

Asters are the official birth flower for September. As you look for an arrangement for a friend with a September birthday, you'll notice that asters are a perfect flower for large arrangements, particularly those with lots of greenery. In a gorgeous arrangement of orchids, tulips, roses, asters, and stock, each bloom makes a distinct impression.


How Do I Decorate With Asters?

Asters are a beautiful addition to virtually any vase and pair wonderfully with gerbera daisies, lilies, roses, and lush ferns or greenery. Asters are a perfect flower to consider for a large spray arrangement with long stems of carnations, gladioli, iris, and gerbera daisies.

Asters also look beautiful as part of a little dense cube of cheerful flowers, particularly when those flowers are in bright fall shades like orange and yellow. You might not immediately associate pink asters with the fall, but they're a stunning addition to a bright arrangement that's supposed to make you think of autumn trees full of colorful, changing leaves.

Asters are also an appropriate addition to memorial flowers in colors like white, ivory, and lavender. Asters are a wonderful way to remember and honor a loved one either at the service or a gathering of family and friends for remembrance.

As you search through the beautiful arrangements of flowers at French Florist, consider asters as a beautiful and vibrant addition to your fall arrangement. They're a wonderful way to celebrate the color of the approaching autumn, even if you live in a community that stays green all year.



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