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23 Jul 2021

By Steve Jacobson

summer flowersAh, summer' a time of lazy days, sunshine, warm breezes, picnics and enjoying the great outdoors. When it comes to summer flowers, the colors are bold and the blooms are big and bright. From summer birthdays to weddings, anniversaries, the Fourth of July and any other summer gift giving occasion that arises, summer flowers let them know you care. Consider these summer flower gift ideas during the best weather months of the year:

Sunflowers Radiate Good Cheer

This summer, a big bouquet of sunflowers can be perfect for accenting your summer barbecues, a housewarming gift, a country wedding centerpiece, or 'just because.' Sunflowers embody and exude the enthusiasm and positive energy of the season; the Smiling Sunflowers bouquet is a perfect example. With its tall, broad blooms and minimal accent flowers, this bouquet is all about summer. Bring life to your kitchen table or to any room in your home with a big sunflower bouquet.

Sunflowers are also beautiful when mixed with in other bright blooms for an even more radiant effect. A Basket of Blooms combines bright sunflowers with Asiatic lilies, alstroemeria and beautiful gerbera daisies in an attractive basket for a fun and festive look. This colorful arrangement embodies the summer season with bright, cheerful shades of yellow, gold, orange, purple and red.

summer flowers

Basket of Blooms

An Artistic Take

For a more modern spin on the sunflower in flower design, consider giving them the Contemporary Art bouquet. This beautiful gift idea combines artfully arranged sunflowers with roses as well as exotic oncidium orchids in a sleek rectangular vase. It also features accents of curly willow, wheat and smooth river rocks. With compelling lines and eye catching style, the sunflower never looked so avant garde. Give this contemporary design whenever a unique gift is called for.

Go Tropical

If you'd like to depart from the sunflower entirely and still give a gift they'll love, tropical blooms are another excellent way to celebrate the summer season. Exotic blooms like birds of paradise, Asiatic lilies, fire-red anthurium, hypericum accents and a range of orchid styles are all a match for the warmer, sultrier atmosphere of summer.

Summer is a time for kicking back, enjoying the weather and feeling the good energy. Summer flowers like the sunflower and tropical blooms are perfect for your summer gift giving occasions. To get more summer flower inspiration or to place your order, contact The French Florist today.



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