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To whom it may concern, Steve Jacobson from the French Florist and his creative and artistic team have been doing our flowers and arrangements for a few years now at the house of the owner of Cirque du Soleil in Los Angeles, and we are absolutely delighted and happy for many reasons: Steve and his team are not only really professional, friendly and accommodating in many ways, they have been translating our visions and requests with great accuracy. I highly recommend the French Florist! Sincerely, Naja Barnes Supervisor of the Cirque du Soleil House in Los Angeles Supervisor of owner of Cirque de Soleil's house
I am writing a letter of recommendation in regards to the French Florist on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles. We have done business with the French Florist on a weekly basis since 1999 and have always been very happy with our relationship with them. Steve Jacobson and his staff are very knowledgeable, helpful and always create a beautiful product in regards to flowers and flroal design. We will continue to work with them in the future and appreciate very much their capabilities, knowlede and hard work. Thank you! Carrie Eckert - Agent Provocateur - Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles Carrie Eckert - Agent Provocateur - Melrose Ave
Dear French Florist, Your weekly bouquets have kept our store looking fresh and cheerful. Our customers love to be greeted by your elaborate yet elegant arrangments. We also appreciate your reliable deliveries and excellent customer service. Thank you! Sincerely, Amanda Jungman - Manager - Decadestwo - Melrose Ave Decadestwo - Melrose Ave - Manager
"I helped a client through a "rough" patch, (simply doing my job), and this client from Hawaii, called Los Angeles and The French Florist, and had the most gorgeous tropical bouquet sent to my office as a 'thank you'-- I was absolutely so touched and moved I called The French Florist (on Melrose) to thank them as well and to let them know just how stunning the three foot tall tropical bouquet was. I also read the motto of The French Florist which is: "My Promise: 101% Satisfaction on Every Order". Well, I was 1001% satisfied, and not only that, The French Florist has gained a new customer -- ME! :-) (Not to mention my two bosses as well!)" After one week the flowers and the entire arrangement still look fresh and new! Receiving flowers from The French Florist is an event! - Zoe Simmons, Contest Coordinator The PAGE International Screenwriting Awards The PAGE International Screenwriting Awards
Dear French Florist, Thank you so much for the BEAUTIFUL flowers at our wedding. Your staff was so helpful in helping me decide the most gorgeous flowers for my budget. I loved how you guys showed up with a crew of helpers (on time!!) and decorated and artistically designed all the arrangements and the gazebo (WOW!!). My bridesmaids loved their bouquets and mine was out of this world. Thank you sooooo much! I will definitely be referring you to all my friends! Take care, Trina Renea Trina Renea - Wedding
Steve & Crew @ the French Florist, Can't express truly in words what your shop means to me but I'll try! From my first visit, a couple of years ago until just yesterday - when picked up an order to deliver to a casting director's office- I have been greeted with exceptional customer service. Your quality of products is beyond compare in this town -not only have I been impressed but the recipients of flowers & baskets have been as well. Quality, exceptional customer service and a very fair price for the most exquisite flowers, bouquets & baskets in town will keep me coming back to your store. There are always smiles in your store & you should know that your flowers & baskets create smiles on the people who are fortunate enough to recieve them! Great Staff and I love your donation to special causes programs - it makes my purchase just that much more special. Thanks & continued success! Kim Estes Sent from The Estes Group,LLC Kim Estes - The Estes Group, LLC
My restaurant has been working with Steve Jacobson and his wonderful staff at The French Florist for almost 3 years now. It has been a very valuable business relationship that is consistent and most of all, reliable. They always deliver quality flowers that are very fresh. This ensures that the flowers last longer, which is good for our bottom line. They are always able to design arrangements that meet ours and our customer's needs, depending on the theme. Their deliveries are always on time and best of all for us, they do last minute requests. Kia Illulian - Owner Chocolat Restaurant Melrose
Dear Steve and The French Florist, Thank you so much for your beautiful arrangements you provide us each week. You really know how to come in, evaluate a location, and pick the most perfect flowers. Our clients always comment on the arrangements! Always! It’s pretty amazing. And of course we always tell them we got the flowers at The French Florist. You guys are the best!! Thank you, thank you for your great service. Best, Janet Barajas Indo Salon Janet Barajas - Owner Indo Salon
In our family, flowers best express how we feel and/or how we wish the recipient to understand our sincere and joyful congratulations. When my husband died last year, we received numerous flower in plant form or in very beautiful arrangements. However, NONE exceeded the beauty of your vase and flowers. Thank you! With love, Marjie. Margie - customer
Steve, I want to thank you for taking care of a Floral Source order going to Kristine Lock. Another shop that FSI sent the order to for delivery on the 25th dropped the ball then lied about delivery. Thank you for handling in such a professional manner! Regards, Karin Couch Sugar Plum Fleurs
the flowers are beautiful, fresh & lovely. Arranged exquisitely. I just love the choice of flowers and colors. Thank you so much! Nancy Lusk Nancy Lusk - Customer
August 13, 2008 We at Saint Sophia Cathedral are very happy with the service, prices and the quality of products that French Florist is providing to our Cathedral and our parishioners in weddings, baptisms, special events etc., for the last 20 years and hope to continue for many more years ahead. Sincerely, Ann Pappas Ann Pappas - Facilities' Coordinator
July 23, 2008 To whom it may concern: I am pleased to write a reference for Steve Jacobson and his company French Florist. I have known Steve for over ten years. His company has been handling the flower arrangements for our restaurant during that entire period. They provide our establishment with beautiful weekly arrangements as well as stellar desplays for our various events. He is a hard worker with an amazing creativity and attention to detail. Additionally, he is always cheerful and dependable. I am sure that whoever works with Steve will find him a pleasant person and be very pleased with the quality of his complany's work. Best Regards, Sarah Smith Alessi CFO/Co-Owner Fred Segal Mauro Cafe
To Whom It May Concern: This letter is to offer my highest recommendation for Steve Jacobson and French Florist. I have worked with them for over 15 years, now. French Florist does gorgeous, either traditional, or spectacularly unusual, flower works of art. French Florist is not pretentious or ridiculously over-priced like some flower shops, although they are as good as any of the best flower shops. Steve and his staff are uncompromisingly talented and reliable. It doesn’t hurt that they have a fantastic website and we love the fact that they are always doing fundraising to help charities. They are clearly one of the top florists in L.A. Quite simply said, we would never even think of using another florist again after using the French Florist. It is my honor and privilege to give them my highest recommendation. Sincerely, Jacques Thelemaque President, Filmmakers Alliance Jacques Thelemaque President, Filmmakers Alliance
The French Florist on Melrose Avenue has been our exclusive florist for the past 20 years. They have always done extremely beautiful floral work for all of our events and parties etc. They have always been there for us in every way with the utmost reliability and artistry, and we have never recevied anything other than great compliments on all of their work! I would highly recommend them to anyone for any party, event or special occasion, or just to send flowers (anywhere in the world). Steve Jacobson, the owner, and his staff have always been an absolute pleasure to work with! It is very refreshing to work with someone whose company never fails to keep their word and who always delivers on every promise with the utmost integrity. Sincerely, Robert Moran - General Manager of IMPROV Comedy Store on Melrose Bob Moran - General Manager of WORLD FAMOUS IMPROV
Over the past four years, the highly skilled team at the French Florist has expertly worked to meet every request my business has required and more! When it comes to service, flexibility, value and style, The French Florist is second to none! I will be their customer for many years to come! Michael Duddie General Manager Mirabelle Restaurant Sunset Blvd. - West Hollywood Michael Duddie Gen. Manager Mirabelle Restaurant
1/8/08 Dear Steve and employees of the French Florist: My company "State of Mind Entertainment" has been using your services for all our flwoer needs for almost 2 decades now and I just want to thank you for the years of fabulous service, beautiful arrangments, and great floral designs at all our company events. We have never been disappointed with the great quality you have provided us over all these years. We look forward to doing business with the French Florist for many years to come! Thank you. Happy New Year! Regards, Dana Anton. Dana Anton - owner State of Mind Entertainment
Dear French Florist, We wanted to send out a big thanks! Our Entertainment Company has been referring you clients since 2001. We have always had great response from our clients. We just want to thank you for being so attentive and taking such good care of our people. You have great prices and top quality flowers and arrangements. We have had your flowers at all our celebrity events as well as our weddings. We appreciate an honest and reliable company like yours. Keep up the good work! Thanks again, Patrick Belton, Owner Dubgypsy Entertainment 123 DJ’s Patrick Belton, Owner Dubgypsy Entertainment
Letter of Recommendation fro French Florist, Steve Jacobson and staff: Hello... my name is Jennifer Cazares. I received a beautiful bouquet from my Finace' from the French Florist about 6 months prior to our wedding. The flowers were the most beautiful red roses I had ever seen. They were LARGE roses and very fresh. They smelled wonderful and lasted a long time! I was very happy! When the time came to pick a florist for one of the most important days of our lives, our wedding day, naturally the French Florist came to mind first. I did not have to look any further. I set up a consultation with Ann, she was nice, creative, and confiednt whe could get the job done well and stay within a budget for my needs. Well let me say she delivered and then some. She was even able to provide me with the service of coming out to the reception site to deliver the flowers and decorate the cake with the same HUGE "Black Magic" red roses I had fallen in love with quite a few months earlier. Everything looked perfect! My experience was flawless with the French Florist and I would definitely return as a customer for any floral needs. I highly recommend this business and would refer my freinds and family withoug a doubt. I wanted to write this letter as a Thank You to Steve and Ann and all the employees at the French Florist. My experience was a great one! Thank you! Jennifer Casares Jennifer Cazares - Wedding
Just wanted to express my emotions and feelings about my good friends at French Florist. Here at West Coast Chief repair, this is only place we use for all flowers arrangements and gift baskets ideas. It is funny, but as a teenager I used to work for French Florist. It was part time job usually during Christmas time, Mother's Day, and other holidays. It was a lot of fun working there. All employees (AWAYS) seemed very friendly and I always wished to work more hours there (actually, pay was pretty good as well for delivery guy :) About 8 years ago, we started to send gift baskets to our employees, clients, and industry friends. It was always very easy: products looked great, deliveries were done on time, price was right. French Florist's team , especially Juan, Anna, Steve and Gabriel are always on top of things. No matter how busy they are, they always take care of us and their products always look beatiful. Receivers of gift baskets are always very happy. What is most important, people at French Florist are really great and place has very positive energy. On behalf of everybody here at West Coast Chief Repair, I want to congradulate Steve with a 30 year anniversary, wish him and all his collegues great deal of health, happiness, and success. Keep it up guys and thank you for everything. Michael Birov - West Coast Chief Repair Mike Birov - Owner West Coast Chief Repair
Dear Susan, A million thank you's for a job well done by everyone from French Florist. The floral took our breath away when we arrived at Calamigos. Right from the start we knew we had made the right decision, and your talented people only confirmed that. I would appreciate your forwarding our thanks on to all involved in making our daughter's dream wedding come true. Sincerely, Diana Figliuolo Diana Figliuolo - Wedding
Dear Susan and Annie, Thank you SO much for the amazing flowers for our wedding. Everything was so far beyond our expectations, we still can't believe it when we look at our photos. The entire process was such a joy from start to finish. Just perfect! All our love, Gina & Bradley Gina & Bradley - Wedding
I have sent flowers long distance many times but have never received such excellent service. Thank you and I look forward to placing additional business with you. Arleta Arleta Hoole - Customer
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