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23 Jul 2021

By Steve Jacobson

Love is in the air, candy's being sold in heart-shaped containers, and teddy bears are everywhere ' Valentine's Day must be drawing near! Our romance experts at French Florist in Los Angeles are here to remind you that the best way to plan for Valentine's Day is to plan early! To make sure you get to enjoy a perfect day of romance with your Valentine, make your dinner reservations now, choose your gifts, and get ready to order your flowers. 

Elegant Embrace

Elegant Embrace

Top 5 Reasons to Order Your Valentine's Day Flowers in Advance


1. Amplify the Anticipation

This year, Valentine's Day falls on a Friday, making it the perfect opportunity to celebrate a whole week of romance and love. Have your bouquet delivered on Monday, so your sweetheart will feel special being one of the first to receive flowers. Delivering early will not only amplify the anticipation, excitement, and romance of the holiday, but also allow your significant other to enjoy the beautiful flowers all week long!

2. Take Your Pick of Designs

Millions of floral bouquets are delivered every year for Valentine's Day, which means the most popular colors, designs, and flowers sell out rapidly. Valentine's Day orders often start coming in as early as the middle of January; to make sure you get your first choice in flowers and don't have to settle for substitutions, be sure to order early.

Luxury Roses

Luxury Roses

3. Customize like Crazy

If you have a special request for a unique type of flower or another customization, it's essential that you order your bouquet early. We always try to accommodate our customers' requests, but around Valentine's Day, the demand on local greenhouses and farms is extremely high. This can make it difficult to get a special order into our shop in time to create your customized bouquet. If you're hoping to request a unique bloom for your love's flowers, put your order in at least two weeks early.

4. Get a Good Delivery Time

Valentine's Day and the days leading up to it are our busiest time of the year. It's also the busiest time of the year for our delivery drivers. As a result, delivery schedules fill up fast. Put your order in early to make sure you can get a delivery slot that works for you and your recipient.

5. Avoid Inevitable Anxiety

Waiting until the last minute to get flowers for Valentine's Day will only cause you stress because there's nothing quite like fighting a crowd of other anxious procrastinators, trying to piece together a Valentine's Day that looks like you remembered to plan ahead. Order early, so you can spend Valentine's Day relaxed in the company of your sweetheart.

P.S. I Love You Roses

P.S. I Love You Roses

How to Select the Perfect Flowers for Valentine's Day

Long-stemmed roses or other flowers in various shades of pink, red, and white are always wonderful seasonal choices for celebrating Valentine's Day. Choosing a bouquet featuring your sweetheart's favorite type of flower or favorite color can also be an incredibly romantic choice. You know your partner best, but when in doubt, we always welcome you to ask one of our florists for their recommendations. We know flowers and will do our best to help you select a bouquet your special someone will adore.

Whether you order online, over the phone, or in-person, our experts at French Florist are here to help you choose the perfect flowers for celebrating the most romantic day of the year with your favorite Valentine!


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