5 Popular Flowers We’re Thankful For

Flowers and floral arrangements are always in season and in style. At French Florist, serving Los Angeles and the surrounding areas, our florists fully believe in the year-round power of flowers. Flowers are pretty, they smell wonderful, and just being around them has all sorts of amazing health benefits. Flowers can lower stress, improve your mood, and strengthen your memory. They’ve also been shown to speed the recovery of people ailing from illness, injury, or recovering from surgery. With so many benefits, there’s no reason to wait for a holiday or special occasion. Why not order a bouquet of flowers today?

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Find the Perfect Gift for Your Friendsgiving or Thanksgiving Host

It’s the time of year when we focus on spending time with our loved ones and practicing gratitude. If you’ve been invited to attend a holiday dinner at someone else’s home, this November, don’t forget to show your gratitude with a thoughtful gift for your host or hostess. At French Florist, serving Los Angeles and the surrounding areas, our professional florists and gift designers have been busy compiling a list of creative hostess gift ideas for Thanksgiving and Friendsgiving.

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5 Fun and Simple Porch Decorating Ideas for Fall

One of the best parts of the changing seasons is refreshing your decorations! During autumn, decorating your front porch, steps, and front door will give your home a cheerful and welcoming look. A well-appointed front porch instantly boosts curb appeal and is sure to impress your neighbors, family, and friends. Make the most of the spirit of the autumn season by decorating your front porch, using these quick and easy decorating ideas from French Florist in Los Angeles.

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Get into the Halloween Spirit with These Spectacularly Spooky Flowers

October has official crept in on its creepy-crawly feet and now it’s time for fall festivities. Press play on a few scary movies, eat all the candy corn you can stand, and sink your teeth into a caramel apple. At French Florist in Los Angeles, we’ll be getting our fall on with fresh florals for October and celebrating the scary season with some of the most frightening flowers on Earth. Read on, if you dare!

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The Right Way to Send Someone Flowers in the Hospital

There’s nothing better than a colorful and happy bouquet of flowers to lift someone’s spirits if they in the hospital. Flowers are vibrant, fresh-cut, full of life and beauty and do wonders for brightening up the hospital room and someone’s mood. In fact, people who receive flowers are happier than those who receive other gifts, and they remain happier for longer. That’s the incredible effect flowers have on us!

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Sunflowers Make the Perfect Gift

The Sunflower is a glorious flower that takes from summer into fall and spreading warmth and joy along the way. Full of cheer and brightness, this hardy flower is also easy to care for. The sunflower also makes a great addition to any flower display or fall decoration. It’s large, round disc with bold yellow radiating petals makes it a statement flower wherever it’s placed. Sunflowers also bring a festive element to any garden or home interior. Bursting with positive energy and life, these blooms make a great addition to other displays or can stand on its own without any help.

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Amazing Fall Floral Designs

Not to be outdone by the flowers of summer, the late-blooming flowers of fall are abundantly rich in color with deep jewel tones that proudly represent mother nature’s last hurrah before winter’s frost descends. Deep reds and oranges with a pop of bright yellows and purple are the trademark colors of the season. Some of the more popular flowers of fall include the bright yellow sunflower, the chrysanthemum (a symbol of fall’s abundance), and the Dahlia, which comes in a variety of gorgeous colors. At French Florist, we’re excited to introduce our fall collection of flowers which lend themselves to dazzling, richly-colored, and striking floral designs. Read More

Send Tokens of Love and Gratitude for Grandparents Day

Grandparents Day will be here soon! Usually celebrated on the first Sunday after Labor Day, this is a wonderful opportunity for children and grandparents to learn more about each other and make beautiful memories for grandparents. Send beautiful flowers and gifts or a long-lasting plant design to Gram and Gramps from grandchildren as a token of their gratitude and love. The professionals at French Florist are happy to deliver your beautiful designs to any residents, nursing home, senior community or assisted living facility in the greater Los Angeles area. Make sure you remember grandparents on Grandparents Day with gorgeous blooms. If you get the opportunity to spend time with grandparents we also have a few fun ideas for making memories between grandchildren and grandparents.

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College Survival Kit- 5 Essentials

Soon it will be time for college students to head off to campus. This is an exciting time in their life. Students begin to exert their independence, gain responsibility and spread their wings. We want to support and encourage their effort. But, we also want to make sure they’re well provided for and prepared for what lies ahead. Setting them up for success can be done in many ways. That’s why the designers at French Florist have compiled a list of college survival kit essentials- items students may not even realize they need. Think about sending some of these to your student during the first week of classes. That way, you’ll help them know how much you care and have an excellent fall semester.

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Choose a Magical Gift

Being able to choose a magical gift for someone special on their special occasion is truly a talent. At French Florist, we want to help you become the best gift giver. Take a look around our shop. We have so much more to offer than just beautiful floral arrangements. Choose items to add-on to any floral design or simply pick a unique treasure that you know your recipient will love forever.

Find treasures galore when you explore our gift options and find amazing gifts for every occasion. For the friends or loved ones with a new baby, send our New Beginnings design. The vibrant, eye-catching colors of spring flowers are enhanced by a cuddly teddy bear for baby. Beautiful iris, tulips, and daisies combine to create a fabulous display that will be a hit for parents, too! Send something beautiful to welcome the new little one and let parents know how excited you are for them.


Our floral experts and gift designers are happy to help. We’ll gladly talk to you about your next upcoming events and help you choose a magical gift that’s perfect for any occasion. Our professional services include delivery to the greater Los Angeles area. Find something unique and meaningful in our shop for the special people in your life and make their next event or occasion one to remember.