Creative Flower Surprises for Travelers

Being away from friends and loved ones makes reuniting at their airport even more special and exciting. As you plan your trip to pick them up and search for the perfect blooms that say, “it’s wonderful to see you again,” or “I have missed you,” think about how you can present these thoughtful flowers in a fun and heartfelt way. To spark some creativity, your friends here at French Florist, the top flower shop in Los Angeles, are sharing a few tips and ideas that will make this moment extra memorable.

Fun Ways to Give Blooms

Present Flowers at the Airport

While airports can get crowded and baggage claims are often chaotic, how can your loved one easily spot you upon arrival? Planning a creative and fun surprise, like holding a sign, dressing up in your best tuxedo, or cradling a large, wrapped bouquet of their favorite flowers is sure to make them giggle and grin from ear to ear.

Spruce Up Your Car

If a showy public display at the airport feels awkward or inauthentic to you or maneuvering through an airport with luggage and fresh flowers seems less than ideal, why not let the blooms chill in fresh water in the car? Make the last leg of your loved one’s trips as special as possible and spoil them with a first-class car ride home. Include favorite local treats, like beverages and snacks on the front seat, and don’t forget the flowers from your local florist.

Decorate Your Home

Preparing for a fun and unique welcome celebration can also be beautifully done at your home. Show enthusiasm for your loved one’s arrival by decorating your living room or dining room, hanging a colorful banner, baking sweet treats, and of course, visiting your local florist to find the perfect bouquet of flowers to have waiting for them on the table. Avoiding the hustle and bustle of the airport means you can enjoy your time together and catch up while you relax.

Dress Up the Dinner Table

After a long day of travel, we are sure that your guest or loved one will be ready for a big meal of delicious local cuisine. Whether you prefer ordering take-out from their favorite restaurant or enjoy cooking at home, have lunch or dinner hot and ready upon their arrival. While you set the table with your best dishes, place their flowers in the middle for a beautiful centerpiece.

Display a Bouquet in the Guest Room

Out-of-town guests will love the thoughtfulness you put into making sure they feel welcome and right at home if they plan to stay with you. Since flowers brighten up any space and add a lovely fragrance to any room, this is the perfect way to give your guests this special floral greeting. Make sure to include a note so they know these blooms were picked just for them.

Enjoy Fresh Morning Blooms

While the hustle and bustle of traveling can be exhausting, waiting until the next morning to present your loved one with a beautiful bouquet of blooms will ensure they start their day on a high note. Cook up a delicious spread of their favorite breakfast foods, or simply brew a much-needed pot of coffee or tea and place their flowers in the center of the table. This sweet surprise will allow the excitement from their arrival to carry over into the remainder of their day.

While you search for the best blooms that scream “welcome,” is it equally important to put some thought into the presentation of your floral greeting. Whether you want to do something humorous, sentimental, or romantic, your loved one or guest will be touched by your thoughtfulness. Get inspired as you browse our online collection of fantastic flowers from your local florist here at French Florist.

A fashionista is someone who’s always on the cutting edge of fashion. Send a glamorous floral gift to the style maven in your life, including roses, gerberas and hydrangea, in delicate hues of pink, yellow and green – all dressed up with ribbon and raffia.

A Fashionista

The Best Flowers That Are Non-Toxic to Fur-Babies

It is no secret that a happy home is often filled with elegant flowers, purifying and vivid greens, and a sweet, lovable, and perhaps curious fur baby. While many pets, plants, and blooms can live harmoniously together, some botanicals are harmful to cats and dogs. To avoid bringing home toxic plants and dangerous blooms, your friends here at French Florist, the best flower shop in Los Angeles, have a great list of pet-friendly botanicals that are perfect for creating an uplifting, rejuvenating, and safe environment for all.

Safe Flowers for Pets

Gerbera Daisies

A cheerful and bright bloom ready to elevate even the gloomiest of days, like the sunflower, are gerbera daisies. These non-poisonous flowers grow in an array of brilliant hues, including purple, red, pink, orange, yellow, and white. While common daisies and chrysanthemums prove to be toxic to dogs and cats, gerbera daisies are a safe and great alternative for pet-friendly homes. Since they can thrive for a long time in a vase, they are sure to have you and your fur babies feeling uplifted and happy for days to come.


Just like the rich and wealth of the Victorian Ages marveled over orchids, pet parents also admire this blooming plant for its rich symbolism, elegant beauty, and nontoxicity to furry friends. Bringing a lovely orchid into your space adds a luxurious, calming, and perhaps exotic feel as the flowers flourish for weeks. Orchids are also a thoughtful and appropriate choice to celebrate birthdays, Mother’s Day, weddings, anniversaries, graduations, and more.


With uniquely colored flowers with intricate and lively patterned petals, pansies are another safe and popular choice for pet-friendly homes. Among the many reasons to love pansies, they can grow and thrive in cool spring, fall, and early winter temperatures. This means that you can easily enjoy their breathtaking beauty for most of the year, especially if they are displayed in an east-facing window and fully hydrated during the summer months.


Zinnias are often recognized by their bright tropical hues, like orange and red, and their full, signature round faces. When arranged in a bouquet among complementary, yet lesser-known zinnia colors, like pale green, yellow, and white, they create the most eye-catching floral design. Add a bouquet of pet-friendly zinnias to your space for a touch of mood-boosting color.

African Violet

African violets are a floral trifecta as they are safe for cats and dogs, low-maintenance, and provide the sweetest hint of color to your home. For centuries, these charming flowering green plants have been among the most popular blooms and a favorite in many homes. If your grandparents or great-grandparents enjoyed displaying African violets on their kitchen windowsill when you were a child, you may be met with childhood memories, a sense of relaxation, or nostalgia when you admire them.

How to Protect your Pets from Toxic Flowers

Although the flowers you bring into your home are sure to be safe for your furry friends, it is always best to keep your blooms out of reach. Many flower enthusiasts like to create a unique “greenhouse” or section of their home dedicated to their botanicals and block off access for their fur babies. While this is a great solution, it isn’t the only one. Why not create a glorious floral wall in your home where you can hang your colorful blooms or display your favorite flowers on shelves or high pieces of furniture? As you gather your non-toxic botanicals from French Florist, do not hesitate to ask us any questions about our pet-friendly selection.

Your Guide to Expressing Sympathy

Expressing sympathy is a way to show you care when someone faces the loss of a friend or loved one. In Los Angeles, French Florist offers beautiful floral arrangements that can help you convey your feelings of sympathy. Sympathy is a feeling of pity for someone else’s misfortune. Expressing sympathy doesn’t mean you understand what the person is going through. It simply means you care and want to lend your support.

Floral arrangements and a touching card are excellent options when looking to show sympathy. However, when you have the arrangement in hand and sit down to write the card, you may find yourself facing a loss for words. Finding a way to convey your sympathy in a supportive manner, without negating the emotions the person feels, is hard. Often, a short, sweet, and caring message is all it takes.

Are you still wondering what to write? Here are some guidelines and suggestions that will help you write a condolence card that shows your care. Choose one and tweak it to match your own sentiment and relationship with the recipient, or as a starting point to create your own original expression.

What to Write for the Loss of a Spouse

The loss of a spouse is one of the deepest levels of loss possible. When someone you care about loses their spouse, they lose not only an important relationship, but also their life partner, co-parent, and best friend. You may find yourself at a loss as to what to write in the condolence card.

Loneliness is a very real concern for someone facing the loss of their husband or wife. In your sympathy card, convey your support and the fact that your friend is not alone. Some simple ways to do this include:

  • “The love of a spouse cannot be replaced. I want you to know I am thinking about you in this difficult time and am here when you need me.”
  • “Words cannot express the sorry I am feeling for you. Give me a call at any time, even just to say hi.”
  • “The love you had for your spouse can never be taken from you. Their essence will always be with you and will live on in memories. Hold on to that when the days are hard.”
  • “Your spouse was an amazing person. I cannot imagine the grief you are feeling. My thoughts are with you, and I’m here to talk.”

Coordinate a Loving Tribute

What to Write for the Loss of a Child

No parent expects to survive their child. When a child passes away, it creates a deep trauma for the grieving parents. You may struggle to find the right words to say.

As you write the condolence card, remember that your words can’t heal this hurt. You can, however, provide support, and that’s what your card needs to show. When writing this card, use the child’s name whenever possible.

  • “We can’t take away this hurt, but we want to send our love. Our prayers are with you.”
  • “We will never forget your child. She brought us so much joy. We are thinking of you and your family in the days ahead.”
  • “I feel blessed to have known your child. His personality brought joy to all who knew him. I am praying for/thinking of you.”
  • “While nothing can heal the heartache you face, love lives on in the memories you created together.”

Express Your Condolences with Florals

What to Write for the Loss of a Parent

The loss of a parent may not come as a surprise, but it still creates a deeply-felt void. If you’ve never experienced this loss, you might not know what to say.

Often what you write for this card depends on whether it was the mother or father who passed away. For fathers, focus on what the man meant to his bereft child, or what his character meant to you, with ideas like these:

  • “Your father’s generosity touched many. He will live on in their memories.”
  • “Your father’s sense of humor was a true gift. I will always remember the laughs. I am sorry for your loss.”
  • “Your father’s love and character shines forth in you and your siblings. His memory will live on as you further his legacy.”

For the loss of a mother, focus on her nurturing role in your children’s life. Here are a few ideas:

  • “Your mother’s love touched my life. She was a true friend who will be greatly missed.”
  • “My sympathies on the loss for your family. Your mother was an amazing caretaker and woman. We will miss her too.”
  • “My favorite memory of your mom was when she brought cookies after my own baby was born. Her legacy will live on in the kindness I see in you. I am sorry for the pain you’re experiencing.”
  • “All the forces on this planet will never beat that of a mother’s love (Elle Smith). As you grieve your mom, know that her love lives on in your memories of her.”

Honor Their Memory with Flowers

What to Write for the Loss of an Acquaintance

Sometimes a loss isn’t a close family member, but it still hurts. Losing a friend or coworker can bring daily pain. Every time that person goes to work or other places where they once spent time with that person, they remember their loss.

This may be a situation where you could use the card that comes with the flowers. Some simple heartfelt ideas include:

  • “I’m sorry to hear about your loss. I am here for you when you need a friend.”
  • “Wishing you strength in the days ahead as you adjust to this new normal.”
  • “Your friend (use their name if you can) will be in our hearts.”

Arrange for a Loving Delivery

Signing the Sympathy Card

Once you’ve written your message, you need to end the card. This may trip you up once again. Should you sign it “Love,” “With sympathy,” or something else?

The signature line you choose will depend on your relationship with the person. If you are close, “Love” may be appropriate, but other options include:

  • Praying for you
  • With my deepest condolences
  • Wishing you peace
  • With sympathy
  • Thinking of you/your family

Choose one that fits the tone of your message and your connection with the person receiving the card and gift.

Sympathy Messages for the Flower Card

If you choose to give flowers without sending a separate “Hallmark” sympathy card, then you’ll have a flower card to sign. It may be all you need in lieu of a more formal card, if you’re sympathy message is short. If you are also sending a card, it’s still best to write a small message on the flower’s card.

Some options for writing a sympathy message on the flower card include:

  • Thinking of you
  • With my sympathy
  • Our warmest condolences
  • Please accept my sympathy/condolences
  • Our thoughts and prayers are with you
  • We love you and care about you
  • With caring thoughts
  • Honoring (name of the deceased) with you as you grieve
  • Sending remembrance of your loved one
  • We will miss (name of the deceased)

You may choose to include a quote about love and loss. If you do, it’s a nice touch to credit the author of the quote. Here are some that work well for sympathy flowers:

  • “A great soul serves everyone all the time. A great soul never dies. It brings us together again and again.” – Maya Angelou
  • “Life is eternal, and love is immortal; Death is only a horizon.” – Rossiter Raymond
  • “Like a bird singing in the rain, let grateful memories survive in time of sorrow.” – Robert Louis Stevenson
  • “To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die,” – Thomas Campbell

Then, sign your name on the flower card. That often is enough to convey your sympathies.

Where to Send Sympathy Flowers and Cards

Once you’ve chosen your sympathy floral gift, you need to know where to send it. If your friend’s loss was a close family member, consider sending flowers to the funeral or visitation location.

For someone mourning the loss of a friend or coworker, send flowers and a card to their home or work. You can also hand-deliver the gift if you see the person regularly.

In Los Angeles, French Florist has your needs covered. With a wide selection of floral arrangements featuring lilies, roses, carnations, and more, we make it easy to express sympathy.

Shop now to find the right arrangement to convey your support during a time of loss. We happily deliver to Los Angeles and the surrounding communities. Let us help you show your support through the gift of flowers.

Types of Flowers to Send for Sympathy

Flowers are imbued with special meanings and symbolism, and choosing the right flowers for your sympathy gift can help you convey the right message. The first place to start is to consider the person who has passed on. If they had a favorite flower, consider sending an arrangement composed of only that bloom.

If you don’t know their favorite flower, consider the symbolic meaning of the flowers you do send. For example, Chrysanthemums are symbolic of mourning and grief in many Pacific Asian countries and are commonly used in funeral bouquets in Europe.

Lilies are the most common flower seen in sympathy arrangements. These have deep connections with Christianity and are a symbol of innocence, which can be comforting to the bereaved. Lilies also mean peace in Asian cultures, and many facing a time of grief can benefit from wishes of peace.

Roses work well for most occasions. Dark crimson shows deep love and mourning, making crimson roses a good choice for a funeral bouquet.

If the person who passed away was young, white carnations, a symbol of youth and innocence, make a touching gift. Red carnations speak of love and admiration, making this a popular option for sympathy flowers as well.

Stellar Botanicals of Summer

The time has come again to welcome another incredible summer. From fresh and vibrant greens to everyone’s favorite timeliness blooms, Mother Nature’s gift of brilliant botanicals is more than admired and appreciated each and every summer. To help you choose the perfect plants and flowers to enjoy at home this season, your friends and floral experts here at French Florist, the number one flower shop in Los Angeles, have compiled the ultimate guide for some inspiration.

Show-Stopping Summer Blooms

Bold, lush, large, and stunning, these are summer’s most popular flowers. An arrangement of these beauties will brighten your home in an instant.

Calla Lily

Classy and elegant, the Calla lily comes in a variety of beautiful colors such as pink, rose, lavender, yellow, orange, and maroon. White Calla lilies are the most popular, though, and are a popular flower in weddings.


Vivid, large, and breathtaking, the dahlia is a summer blooming flower loved by florists and gardeners. They make a great cut flower and come in a range of vibrant beautiful colors including pink, orange, white, yellow, and purple.


Cheerful and sweet, daisies are a popular summer flower and symbolize innocence and purity. Daisies come in a variety of bright colors but the most popular is the white daisy with a central yellow disc known as the Shasta daisy.


A vertical stem that holds around 20 vibrant and frilly blooms, typically in blue and purple colors, delphiniums are popular as cut flowers. They add a striking vertical feature to arrangements and look amazing on their own as well.


Known for their lush, big blooms, hydrangea flowers come in a variety of lovely colors, such as light pink, light blue, dark blue, peach, and lavender. They are very popular in summer floral bouquets and gorgeous as cut stems alone in their own vase.


Seen in many June weddings, the alluring peony has a large rose-like bloom and exudes elegance, romance, and beauty. Coming in shades of pink, yellow, peach, red, and white, this is a short-season summer flower that makes its beauty all the more desirable.


The most popular flower in the world, roses love the summer sun. Growing in nearly every color imaginable and renowned for being a symbol of love, this gorgeous bloom with its sweet fragrance is beloved by all.


Cheerful and colorful, snapdragons flourish in the sun. Their vertical stalk can host a bountiful number of frilly and blooms in multiple rich colors.


A symbol of the summer sun, the beloved sunflower brings light, energy, vibrancy, joy, and happiness to any space. Summer wouldn’t be summer without this magnificent bloom.

Favorite Summer Plants for Your Home

Add some healthy green plants to your home this summer by selecting those which love the sun and thrive during warmer weather.


If you’re looking for a houseplant with bright, colorful foliage to liven up your home, then pick up a croton plant. With variegated leaves in vibrant orange, yellow, green, and red colors, this plant is sure to impress.


Coming in multiple varieties, philodendrons make great house plants and are well known for their air-cleaning abilities. Their leaves are large, glossy, and green and they love being placed near a sunny window.

Spider Plants

These stunning plants have long, slender leaves that gracefully arch up and then fall downwards. A hardy plant, spider plants can usually survive even in less than perfect conditions.


Striking and hard to kill, succulents come in a variety of styles, shapes, and colors and are excellent decorative plants for your home. Succulents love bright light and require plenty of water.

Swiss Cheese Plant

Another sun-loving plant, the captivating and beautiful Swiss cheese plant has large, heart-shaped leaves with holes in them which is how it got its name.

These seasonal botanicals are certainly not shy of amazing as they offer purifying and uplifting qualities in addition to eye-catching designs and hues that brighten your day. As you peruse our collection of summer flowers and plants, let your friends here at French Florist help you choose the perfect blooms to bring home this season.

Guide to Peonies

A perennial favorite, peonies are one of the most beloved flowers in the world. With their extravagant, fluffy blooms composed of layers of delicate petals, lovely, sweet scent, and range of vibrant colors, it’s no wonder this flower is often found in important celebrations and luxurious locales. Lush, showy, and elegant, the amazing peony has a rich history steeped in cultural symbolism.

Peony Blooming Season

Peonies have a short season, generally blooming from late spring to early summer depending on their location and type. The ephemeral quality of this gorgeous flower adds to its allure and desirability. May and June are the months where there is the most availability, but due to its popularity, many nurseries offer early-, mid-, and late-blooming varieties so they can be enjoyed for as long as possible. Peonies make amazing cut flowers, and their bloom and fragrance can last for days in a vase.


The Peony is a flowering plant that belongs to the genus Paeonia, which is thought to contain 30- 40 species of the plant today with hundreds of varieties.

Anemone – A single row of large guard petals surrounding numerous smaller petals.

Single – Comprised of one or two rows of wide overlapping petals surrounding a central mass of yellow stamens.

Japanese – Has one or more rows of large outside petals surrounding a decorative center of staminodes (sterile stamens).

Semi-Double – Comprised of 5 or more outside rows of petals with a center of smaller petals mixed with yellow stamens.

Double – Comprised of sumptuous, numerous overlapping petals that create large, full blooms with no stamens. This is the most popular variety by far.

Bomb – A row of large guard petals surrounding numerous petals within. Stamens have transformed into petals creating a large, round, pom-pom shape.

Name Origin

The peony has two origin stories dating back to Greece. One tells the story of Paeon, a student of Asclepius (the Greek God of Medicine and Healing), who used milk from the peony root to heal Pluto. Asclepius became angry and jealous that his pupil was outshining him and decided to kill him. Zeus interfered and protected Paeon from the wrath of Asclepius by transforming him into the peony flower.

The other origin story describes a day when Apollo was flirting with a nymph named Paeonia, who was shy and bashful, and became embarrassed when she noticed Aphrodite watching them. Angered by the nymph attracting Apollo’s attention, Aphrodite turned Paeonia into a flower.


Peonies date back to 1,000 BC when they first appeared in Chinese gardens. The people of China then began cultivating peonies, originally for flavoring food and medicinal purposes, but then for their beauty and elegance during the Tang Dynasty. Peonies were associated with great wealth and royalty and, from around 618 to 907 AD, were bred in the Imperial courts and became an essential part of daily court life.

In the 11th century, the people of Japan fell in love with the beautiful peony and began growing them for their beauty. France and England jumped on the bandwagon in the 18th century when they began cultivating peonies for their aesthetic beauty and sweet fragrance.

Cool Facts About the Peony

  • Peony plants can outlive most humans offering up their gorgeous blooms each spring for about 100 years.
  • If you need your peonies to open quickly for an important event, place them in a sunny, warm room to speed up the process.
  • Known as the “King of Flowers” in China, the peony can be found in many traditional Chinese paintings, embroidery, and decor.
  • The white peony has long been used in traditional Chinese medicine and is one of the oldest remedies known.
  • Peonies are originally from China but are grown all over the world now.
  • The peony is the traditional flower symbol of China and, before the plum blossom, was the country’s national flower.
  • There are several hundred peony varieties.
  • The Chinese name for “peony” translates to “most beautiful.”
  • As the peony blooms, it produces sweet nectar.
  • Peonies travel best in bud form.
  • They are the state flower of Indiana.
  • The peony is the 12th anniversary flower.
  • A peony bud is the size of a golf ball and will open up to 3 times its size.
  • Peony petals are edible and perfect for flavoring drinks or topping a salad.

General Symbolism of the Peony Flower

Across many cultures, peonies generally symbolize good fortune and happiness in marriage, which is why they are popular wedding flowers. They are also widely known to symbolize wealth, prosperity, good luck, rebirth of relationships, and love.

In China, the peony represents wealth, power, and class and is a popular symbol in traditional Chinese art and literature. In Japan, peonies are recognized as symbols of honor, bravery, and good fortune (particularly red peonies). Due to the Greek myth about Paeonia, the Victorians associated the peony with bashfulness and beauty.

Color Symbolism of Peonies

More specific symbolism and meaning are tied to the color of the peony:

White Peonies – Symbolize bashfulness and regret, which makes them a great choice for when you need to say, “I’m sorry.”

Pink Peonies – Symbolize good luck, a happy marriage, and prosperity and are very popular in wedding bouquets.

Red Peonies – Symbolize passion, love, honor, and respect making them the perfect choice for your SO at any point in your relationship.

Yellow Peonies – Are associated with new beginnings which make them a great gift for new parents, a new job, or any new chapter someone is starting in their life.

Peonies also come in purple, coral, and orange but are less common and harder to find than the above colors.

Peony Purchasing Tips

To get the most out of its beauty and maximize its vase life, here are some quick tips on choosing a peony.

  • Purchase While Still in Bud Form
    This way you can fully enjoy the blooming process and they will last longer than if already in bloom.
  • Make Sure Their Leaves are Healthy
    Quality peonies should have no damage to leaves such as blemishes, black or brown spots, yellowing, or signs of pests or disease.
  • Select Stems That are Clean and Sturdy
    Peonies with soft and discolored stems often are a sign of bacteria in the plant.

Caring for Your Fresh-Cut Peonies

  • Before placing your fresh blooms in a vase, cut diagonally about an inch off the bottom of each stem and remove any leaves that fall below the waterline.
  • Place the cut stems in a clean vase that has at least three inches of room temperature water.
  • Keep an eye on the water level as peonies drink up the water quickly. Clean and refill with water as needed.
  • Avoid putting peonies in direct sunlight as this may damage them.
  • To delay blooming, place peonies in a cold and dimly lit room, or in a dry area within your refrigerator away from fruits and veggies.

Flowers Similar to the Peony

When peonies are unavailable, but you still crave the look, elegance, and fullness of this gorgeous blossom, rest assured, as there are other floral varieties you can turn to that have similar big blooms. In place of peonies try:

  • Large garden roses
  • Ranunculus
  • Carnations
  • Camellias
  • Double tulips
  • Dahlias
  • Hydrangea

Peony Occasions

From weddings to demonstrations of love, a symbol of good luck to congratulations, or just because to elevating the style of your home, peonies are perfect for nearly any occasion.

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Style & Decor Ideas for Your Summer BBQ

Each year we look forward to gathering with our dear friends and family for traditional cookouts and backyard grilling. Why not spice things up this summer to enjoy an extraordinary day of spending time with loved ones, eating the best food, and soaking up the sunshine in style. Elevate your outdoor space with suggestions and ideas from the experts here at French Florist, the premier floral shop in Los Angeles. Serve more than brisket and burgers at your annual bash when you include bright blooms on every table, garnish signature drinks with petals, and even send your guests home with unique floral arrangements they can admire for days to come.

Four Simple Tips for Including Flowers In Your Cookout

Add Colorful Flower Accents

Add contrast to the natural color palette of Mother Nature and your favorite BBQ foods by displaying bright and bold pops of color at this year’s cookout. Blue, purple, pink, red, orange, and yellow petals will bring a refreshing and lively element to your style, especially if they are surrounded by vibrant greenery. Large floral arrangements are not only great for guest tables, but matching smaller accents are perfect for your food tables and dessert displays.

Select Hardy Blooms

The best types of flowers and greens to include in floral arrangements for a summer cookout are hardy and able to withstand the hot summer months. As breathtaking as they are, unfortunately, roses are not on our list of “summer-loving blooms.” We prefer suggesting things such as anthurium, delphinium, carnations, sunflowers, pincushions, wax flowers, daisies, succulents, and eucalyptus. Not only will their petals thrive all day and night, but you can continue to admire their beauty as home decor after your guests depart.

Garnish Drinks with Florals

This year, your favorite summertime blooms are here to help you and your guests sip in style. Among the many ways to creatively incorporate flowers into your backyard cookout, this might be the sweetest and most delicious. Garnishing your drinks with floral doesn’t mean you need to be stirring up cocktails or fancy drinks like lavender lemon spritz all night long, although signature drinks are often crowd-pleasers. Simply garnish a soda in a glass, fruit-infused waters, or your famous iced tea or lemonade. Before serving, ensure the flowers and plants you have selected are safe to consume by confirming with your local florist.

Fill Mason Jars for Decor & Gifts

If you are in need of a fun idea to spice up your decor and style for this year’s BBQ, search for mason jars to utilize as vases for mini summer flower arrangements. Pairing charm, nostalgia, and rustic chic with bold and bright blooms gives you the ability to create the perfect pieces for food stations and guest tables. Add your personal flair and spin on this DIY project by dressing up the jars with ribbon and decorating them to match your party theme. As the evening winds down, surprise guests by giving each one a mason jar with floral to take and admire at home.

Spending time with family and grilling in the backyard with friends are two things that certainly need to be celebrated correctly this year. Since not many things are as beautiful, lovely, or special as bold summer flowers, your guests are sure to love the additional thought and details you add to your decor. Let the local professionals at French Florist help you select the perfect colorful blooms for your occasion.

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After a long winter, there is nothing more exciting than bringing home an arrangement of fresh spring flowers or a vibrant green plant. Purify, brighten, uplift, and feel calm this spring with more than a day of spring cleaning. The team here at French Florist, the best flower shop in Los Angeles, loves a good deep clean and reorganization. We also love to add a finishing touch to each room in the home with a relaxing, mood-boosting, and lovely spring bloom. Read our new guide below to an earth-friendly and refreshing day of spring cleaning.

Refresh Your Bathroom

From shower curtains to shower drains, toilet bowls, and vanities, there is a lot to spring clean when it comes to your bathroom. Keep this year’s spring cleaning extravaganza not only earth-friendly but easy for you, too. With household items like water and vinegar, you can create a simple and effective all-purpose cleaner. Use old t-shirts for cleaning rags instead of paper towels and disinfecting wipes. Toss your shower curtains in the laundry, even the plastic liner, and hang them to dry. Finally, before you put the vinegar away, pour some down the drain to ensure your pipes are clean and clog-free. It’s as easy as that!

Refresh with Flowers

While your bathroom is all-around feeling and looking nice and clean, add the finishing touch to your refresh with colorful spring flowers and live green plants. From their air-purifying abilities to their lovely sweet scents, you can swap out the plug-ins, aerosols, and maybe even candles. Your bathroom will be the most welcoming as your eyes are met with this natural beauty.

  • Eucalyptus: A refreshing aroma mimicking pine and mint
  • Peace Lily: Purifies your bathroom and brings serenity
  • Tulips: Brighten and lighten the decor in your bathroom
  • Carnations: An inspiring symbol of luck and purity

Reorganize Your Bedroom

Did you know that decluttering your dressers, nightstand, and the space under your bed can result in a more restful night’s sleep? A few guidelines of feng shui suggest keeping your shoes and luggage tucked in a closet to remove the feeling of “being on the go” as you sleep. You also want to keep the energy in your bedroom, especially around the place you rest, free-flowing. If you must store things under the bed, choose to store linens, blankets, and sheets over anything else.

Reorganize with Flowers

Spring represents the feeling associated with “out with the old and in with the new.” As we take this into consideration while reorganizing our bedroom, it seems like the perfect time to bring in a new bouquet of fresh spring flowers. Choose blooms to help make your room a beautiful, calming, inspiring, and happy sanctuary.

  • Sunflowers: Spark warmth and happiness
  • Gerbera Daisies: Cheerful and vibrant blooms
  • Daffodils: Lift your mood for the new spring season
  • Hyacinths: Perfect colors and sweet scents for any bedroom

Refine Your Kitchen

Ready, set, refine! Once you have refreshed your space with a deep clean, decluttered, and reorganized, the next step is to spruce up your space. When it comes to refining the kitchen, start by putting away spices into a designated cupboard or drawer and stashing away small appliances. You can always add a pop of color and personality with your dish towels as well as functional canisters to hold sugar, flour, or odds and ends. If you still think a little decor is necessary, go from room to room and pull from the collection you already have before purchasing more.

Refine with Flowers

If you are having a hard time figuring out which type of kitchen decor might be best for your space, go in the direction of spring flowers. An elegant arrangement in the center of your dining table or kitchen island, or displaying sweet blooms in your windowsill or in the corner on your countertop, is a beautiful way to add a pop of color and personality in a refined and graceful way. 

  • Peonies: Add grace and beauty to your kitchen
  • Sweet Peas: A sweet symbol of pleasure and gratitude
  • Hydrangea: Inspire calm feelings yet an uplifting mood
  • Orchids: Symbolize elegance and refinement

Refine and refresh your home this spring with Mother Nature’s gifts. Wonderful flower arrangements and beautiful green plants will welcome spring with their lively yet serene fragrances and colors. We know you will find your favorite spring blooms here at French Florist.

Tips for the Writing the Perfect Message

Flowers often speak for themselves in conveying a particular feeling or emotion, but adding a heartfelt message to the card that accompanies your gift of flowers makes it even more personal and meaningful. Coming up with the right words to clearly express your sentiment, however, is often difficult. Don’t worry, though, because we’ve got you covered. We have a list of well-crafted, thoughtful messages for you to choose from for nearly every occasion. Ranging from notes of love and passion, celebrations and ‘thank- yous,’ to well-wishes and condolences, we make conveying your feelings to someone easy and effortless.

Sending flowers with a perfectly written message is super simple. Just choose a beautiful bouquet of flowers and then select one of our suggested sentiments from the list in the drop-down box during the check-out process. Voila! Your gorgeous flowers and eloquent message are on their way. If you still want to give a shot at composing something in your own words, just follow the below helpful guidelines to get started writing your own personal message from the heart.

Guidelines for Creating Great Card Messages

  1. Acknowledge the Occasion. If you’re writing a thank-you message, be sure to mention what you’re thankful for. An anniversary card should begin with a message from the heart or affection for the couple whose anniversary is being celebrated. A congratulatory note should mention the achievement of the person receiving the card.
  2. Use a Conversational Tone. There’s no need to put too much effort into writing in a formal manner, just write casually as you would normally speak. This comes across as being more sincere and natural.
  3. Try to Avoid Cliches. Cliches have a time and a place but may come across as insincere in a personal message. Instead of phrases such as “Everything happens for a reason,” “If it’s meant to be it’s meant to be,” “At the end of the day, ” and “Giving it 110%,” use your own original words which will make your message a lot more genuine and meaningful.
  4. Brevity Is Best. You may have a lot to say and a lot on your mind, but to prevent your message from rambling, try to keep it brief. Get all of your thoughts down on paper, and then edit the message to just a few lines. This ensures your meaning comes across more clearly and thoughtfully stated.
  5. Re-read Your Message. Besides checking for proper grammar and spelling, read your message a few times to make sure it truly captures the sentiment you’re trying to express. If it doesn’t, give it a few more rounds of edits to make your thoughts more impactful.

Tips for Writing an Anniversary Message

A significant milestone in a relationship, reinforce your bond of love with a message that is personal and meaningful. Straight from the heart is the best way to go here.

Tips for Writing a Birthday Message

Birthdays are a chance to have a little fun. They can be sincere, funny, or uplifting. The best messages include something personal between you and the recipient which can be added after a funny or sincere note.

Tips for Writing a Get Well Message

Sending a warm message along with some bright, fresh flowers is a great way to help someone in the hospital recover quickly. Whether for a friend, family member, or coworker, select a general saying and then add some personal details to make it your own.

Tips for Writing a Thank You Message

Sending “thanks” to someone for doing something in particular, or just because they make you smile every day, is a great way to show your appreciation for them. From a general thanks for someone you don’t know very well (Great Aunt, teacher, dog sitter) to a close friend or family member, expressing your thanks is always well-received and appreciated.

Tips for Writing a Mother’s Day Message

When writing a message to someone as important as a mom, feelings can sometimes overwhelm you and you don’t know where to start. Use our message suggestions as a starting point to prompt you to express your true feelings in letting your mom know how much she means to you.

Tips for Writing a Sympathy Message

Coming up with the words for a sincere and thoughtful sympathy message is probably the most difficult of all. Trying to comfort someone who is in pain and suffered a loss may leave you confused on where to begin. It’s helpful to write words of support and encouragement and, above all else, to be sincere and thoughtful. Often a well-crafted quote works well to capture the sentiment you’re feeling.

Important Points to Keep in Mind Before Sending Someone Flowers

Sending flowers for special occasions, big or small, is a well-established custom that makes the occasions all that more special. With the right message, flowers have the power to lift spirits, create joy, expand love, soothe the soul, inspire happiness, and help comfort.

There are a few things to keep in mind, though, before sending someone flowers.

  1. When sending someone flowers, make sure they don’t have allergies. If you are unsure whether they are allergic or not, stick with hypoallergenic flowers such as carnations, orchids, tulips, hyacinth, daffodils, and peonies.
  2. If sending flowers to someone in the hospital, call the hospital first to make sure they receive flower deliveries. Here are more tips on sending flowers to a medical facility.
  3. If you want to send flowers to show your appreciation of frontline and healthcare workers, send a thoughtful card instead to the facility, since flowers may not even be allowed. If you want to send flowers to a nurse or doctor you personally know, send them to their home address.
  4. When sending sympathy flowers, check with the family to see if they prefer the flowers to be sent to a funeral home rather than their home address.
  5. When sending romantic flowers, red roses are the classic choice, but to really impress and express your love, send the recipient their favorite flowers to make a bold romantic gesture. Also, send the bouquet to their private residence instead of a public location like work which can cause gossip or embarrassment.
  6. When sending birthday flowers or celebratory flowers for special occasions such as Easter, Professional Admin Day, or Thanksgiving, keep in mind the recipient. If they are a good friend but not someone you’re romantically involved with, then don’t send red roses. Again, it’s best to send to their private residence. Keep your flower choices and messages thematically appropriate. Send cheery and colorful flowers for a birthday, get well, or congratulatory occasion. For a new baby, send soft and cute arrangements in pink (for a girl) or blue (for a boy). If you don’t know the gender or don’t want to offend, play it safe by choosing neutral colors such as orange, yellow, or green.

Use the flower-giving and message-writing guide above, and before you know it, you’ll be considered one of the most thoughtful, eloquent, and tasteful gift giver around.

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The attraction of flowers lies in their bright, exotic, or naturally elegant appearances in addition to their meanings and histories. Orchids are a breathtaking bloom with a noteworthy backstory that is parallel to their beautiful symbolism as well as physical appeal. When you take a look at their history, you’ll find that Dendrobium Orchids were used in ancient Chinese medicine as a common main ingredient. You’ll also learn that the Aztecs believed vanilla orchids would bring them great power and strength. 

The meaning of orchids is parallel to their remarkable history. In China, Cymbidium Orchids reflect friendships and integrity and are, therefore, often sent as gifts to celebrate friends. In modern America, orchids are a meaningful gesture and perfect for any celebration or occasion. Dive into more symbolism of orchids as our flower experts here at French Florist, Los Angeles’ premier flower shop, share more about these captivating flowers.

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Symbols and Meanings of the Orchid


The ancient Greeks were the first to connect orchids with fertility and virility. As the word “orchid” comes from the Greek word “orchis,” meaning “testicles,” it describes this flowering plant’s appearance. Orchid roots were also used in ancient Greece to help control or predict the gender of babies. Throughout history, orchids remained a symbol of fertility, especially pink orchids. Aside from being a wonderful gift to celebrate growing families, orchids are commonly displayed in homes and offices in Japan as they are believed to bring “fertility” or “good fortune” in Japanese culture.


While you dive into the world of this exotic and beautiful bloom, you’ll come to agree that orchids are simply charming. As a symbol of charm, this flower proves to be a fresh and unique gift for your sweetheart, princess, or Prince Charming. Orchids also help you stand out among the crowd, which is already full of red roses, pink tulips, and white lilies. 


Similarly, orchids are also a breathtaking symbol of love. Red orchids, pink orchids, purple orchids, and lavender orchids are especially fitting to “woo” your honey as they represent passion, romance, elegance, and admiration. Display these stunning flowers on their own or pair them with other romantic blooms, like roses, carnations, primroses, and chrysanthemums. 


As a rare and unique flowering plant, orchids have become a symbol of beauty. In the Victorian Era, Europeans marveled over the orchid’s exotic appearances and dubbed it a symbol as such. Throughout the ages, blue orchids and white orchids also became specific symbols of rarity, uniqueness, elegance, and of course, beauty. These flowers are a wonderful gesture to give to those who are seen as beautiful, both inside and out in their own unique way. 


Since the upper class, wealthy, and royal families were the ones acquiring orchids in the Victorian Ages, this bloom evolved into a symbol of refined taste and luxury. Purple orchids are especially connected to royalty, admiration, respect, dignity, and refinement. If you’re looking for something special to give a respected teacher, boss, or someone you look up to, orchids are a great option.


It’s no doubt that the simple act of sending and giving flowers to loved ones, friends, and respected individuals is meaningful and thoughtful. But orchids are a symbol of thoughtfulness, as their rare, exotic, and unique nature gets overshadowed and hidden behind more common blooms. It takes some extra thought to select a magnificent orchid. When you’re looking for the most special flower, orchids will never fall short. 

From its rich history to its inspiring symbolism, the perfect bloom to celebrate your next special occasion just might be the orchid. Family members, friends, and significant others are sure to admire more than just the elegant and exotic beauty this awe-inspiring flower brings. Choose the best orchids from our fresh selection of Phalaenopsis Orchids, Cymbidium Orchids, Dendrobium Orchids, and Oncidium Orchids here at French Florist.

10 Reasons Why You Should Buy Your Flowers Locally

Everyone loves to receive flowers. Their beauty, fragrance, and freshness have long-term positive effects on people’s moods, and there are many occasions in life where flowers are the appropriate gift. When you are shopping for flowers, it’s important to shop locally for numerous reasons. Not only does shopping local support your community, but you’re also going to get the freshest blooms and the best customer service. Here are more reasons why you should shop from independent, locally owned florists.

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