The attraction of flowers lies in their bright, exotic, or naturally elegant appearances in addition to their meanings and histories. Orchids are a breathtaking bloom with a noteworthy backstory that is parallel to their beautiful symbolism as well as physical appeal. When you take a look at their history, you’ll find that Dendrobium Orchids were used in ancient Chinese medicine as a common main ingredient. You’ll also learn that the Aztecs believed vanilla orchids would bring them great power and strength. 

The meaning of orchids is parallel to their remarkable history. In China, Cymbidium Orchids reflect friendships and integrity and are, therefore, often sent as gifts to celebrate friends. In modern America, orchids are a meaningful gesture and perfect for any celebration or occasion. Dive into more symbolism of orchids as our flower experts here at French Florist, Los Angeles’ premier flower shop, share more about these captivating flowers.

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Symbols and Meanings of the Orchid


The ancient Greeks were the first to connect orchids with fertility and virility. As the word “orchid” comes from the Greek word “orchis,” meaning “testicles,” it describes this flowering plant’s appearance. Orchid roots were also used in ancient Greece to help control or predict the gender of babies. Throughout history, orchids remained a symbol of fertility, especially pink orchids. Aside from being a wonderful gift to celebrate growing families, orchids are commonly displayed in homes and offices in Japan as they are believed to bring “fertility” or “good fortune” in Japanese culture.


While you dive into the world of this exotic and beautiful bloom, you’ll come to agree that orchids are simply charming. As a symbol of charm, this flower proves to be a fresh and unique gift for your sweetheart, princess, or Prince Charming. Orchids also help you stand out among the crowd, which is already full of red roses, pink tulips, and white lilies. 


Similarly, orchids are also a breathtaking symbol of love. Red orchids, pink orchids, purple orchids, and lavender orchids are especially fitting to “woo” your honey as they represent passion, romance, elegance, and admiration. Display these stunning flowers on their own or pair them with other romantic blooms, like roses, carnations, primroses, and chrysanthemums. 


As a rare and unique flowering plant, orchids have become a symbol of beauty. In the Victorian Era, Europeans marveled over the orchid’s exotic appearances and dubbed it a symbol as such. Throughout the ages, blue orchids and white orchids also became specific symbols of rarity, uniqueness, elegance, and of course, beauty. These flowers are a wonderful gesture to give to those who are seen as beautiful, both inside and out in their own unique way. 


Since the upper class, wealthy, and royal families were the ones acquiring orchids in the Victorian Ages, this bloom evolved into a symbol of refined taste and luxury. Purple orchids are especially connected to royalty, admiration, respect, dignity, and refinement. If you’re looking for something special to give a respected teacher, boss, or someone you look up to, orchids are a great option.


It’s no doubt that the simple act of sending and giving flowers to loved ones, friends, and respected individuals is meaningful and thoughtful. But orchids are a symbol of thoughtfulness, as their rare, exotic, and unique nature gets overshadowed and hidden behind more common blooms. It takes some extra thought to select a magnificent orchid. When you’re looking for the most special flower, orchids will never fall short. 

From its rich history to its inspiring symbolism, the perfect bloom to celebrate your next special occasion just might be the orchid. Family members, friends, and significant others are sure to admire more than just the elegant and exotic beauty this awe-inspiring flower brings. Choose the best orchids from our fresh selection of Phalaenopsis Orchids, Cymbidium Orchids, Dendrobium Orchids, and Oncidium Orchids here at French Florist.

10 Reasons Why You Should Buy Your Flowers Locally

Everyone loves to receive flowers. Their beauty, fragrance, and freshness have long-term positive effects on people’s moods, and there are many occasions in life where flowers are the appropriate gift. When you are shopping for flowers, it’s important to shop locally for numerous reasons. Not only does shopping local support your community, but you’re also going to get the freshest blooms and the best customer service. Here are more reasons why you should shop from independent, locally owned florists.

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Mix things up this Valentine’s Day and spend the day cozied up in your living room. Invite your sweetheart over and enjoy a relaxing and romantic evening, or wake up and bask in peace, quiet, and self-care. Your friends at French Florist, Los Angeles’ Premier Florist, created the perfect guide for a dreamy at-home Valentine’s Day, so you can’t go wrong.

Seven Of The Best At-Home Date Ideas

Couple drinking wine by candles and grapes

Set Up an Indoor Picnic

Wine and dine your Valentine right from your living room. Order their favorite entrees or cook a homemade meal, paired with fine wine and chocolates for dessert. Set the ambiance in your living room to something romantic and cozy, with dim lighting, candles, fluffy pillows, and blankets on the floor, and don’t forget the beautiful flowers for a fresh centerpiece.

Bottles of wine and assorted chocolates

Have a Wine and Chocolate Tasting

Host a wine and chocolate tasting, either as a post-dinner treat or the main event during your cozy day in. Experiment with different textures and flavors as you pair the best wine with assorted chocolate. Cuddle up next to your honey as you bask in the glory these sweet treats bring.

Colorful board game pieces

Play Old Board Games

While your living room is all set up with a romantic ambiance from your indoor picnic, dust off your old board games. Laugh, get competitive, and act like kids again while you play some “Monopoly,” “Battleship,” or “Checkers.” It’ll be a cozy and light-hearted night to remember.

If extravagance and luxury is what you seek in a magnificent array of premium floral varieties, look no further than our exclusive Epicurean Delight bouquet. Boasting high end blooms, such as traditional Hydrangea, fragrant Roses, seasonal Tulips and contemporary Cymbidium Orchids, this stunning design bursts forth from its cylindrical clear glass vase, lined with real, decorative foliage.

Send Beautiful Blooms

When was the last time you sent someone flowers just to brighten their day? Besides a romantic gesture, sending flowers is a way to show someone you care and you wish them happiness. This Valentine’s Day, don’t miss out on spreading love to your friends, family members, or anyone who you think could use some beautiful blooms, like our “Epicurean Delight.”

Movie screen and clear bowl of popcorn

Host a Favorite Movie Marathon

Before your date begins, each of you will compile a list of what you consider to be the best movies ever created. Make a list of three to five and write them on individual pieces of paper to put into a bowl. When your date begins, pick a movie out of the bowl to watch, and be sure to share with your partner why these picks are your favorite.

Pink craft supplies

Deliver Homemade Gifts

After a day of pampering yourself with face masks, yoga, or even a relaxing bath, you might be in the mood for something a little more creative and rewarding. Instead of an activity that you can do anytime, spend your time making homemade Valentines and unique gifts. You can deliver your one-of-a-kind masterpieces to friends and family, or spread love through your community and drop them off at local nursing homes or hospitals.

Two people walking and holding hands

Take a Romantic Stroll

A breath of fresh air with your Valentine smells just as romantic as your favorite candle. Make sure to leave your phones inside as you take a stroll together around a nearby park or charming neighborhood. You’ll love having uninterrupted time to talk with each other, and maybe even catch a remarkable sunset.

The best day isn’t always extravagant or elaborate. Keep Valentine’s Day simple this year and appreciate the things you love most. Brighten your day, or someone else’s while you’re at it. We know a beautiful bouquet from French Florist will always do the trick.


Your long-distance relationship might be described as a nightmare this past year. But here at French Florist in Los Angeles, we try to find the bright side of things and express gratitude. For example, you can still order the perfect Valentine’s Day gift and have it delivered right to your sweetheart. We’re here to make your job of expressing love and lust for your loved one seamless and easy. And to prove it, we’ve created a list of our favorite romantic gifts that are perfect for any long-distance relationship. 

Six Romantic Tokens To Send Your Love

Image from Amazon

“What I Love You About You” Book

 Some people argue that there’s nothing more romantic than expressing yourself through the written word. When you can’t tell your darling how much you love them or whisper in their ear something sweet, write it in a book that they can treasure forever. If you don’t believe in yourself as a writer, check out a “What I Love About You” book where you can easily answer prompts or fill in the blanks for your partner to read. They’ll love being able to read and reread your romantic love notes every day. 

Image from Amazon

Photo Jigsaw Puzzle

A perfect gift if you and your significant other love taking photos, but don’t know what to do with your favorites – after all, you can’t have hundreds of photo frames around your home. Not to mention, jigsaw puzzles are a great way to pass the time as you countdown the minutes until you’re reunited. They’ll love the idea of reminiscing on a perfect date or fun adventure while fitting the pieces perfectly together. 

Image from Etsy

Special Location Framed Map 

A nice gift for your far away sweetie might be something unique to remind them of a beautiful memory, such as your first date or the night you met. Creating a romantic framed map of a significant location will have them reminiscing on sweet memories they cherish. Make it unique by choosing their hometown or your current location as a way to stay connected. They’ll swoon each time they see this special wall hanging as they remember your love. 

Cozy Throw or Weighted Blanket 

When you can’t be there to hold your partner in your arms, how do you make sure they’re toasty and comfortable at night? Send them a nice cozy throw or heavy weighted blanket as a temporary substitute while you’re distant. They’ll be sure to feel warm from the blanket as well as through the heartwarming gesture all night long. 


If the best way to their heart is through their stomach, a cookbook might be the most romantic gift they didn’t know they wanted. Spice up their daily meal routines with scrumptious new recipes to try. Make it a bonding experience and plan a virtual cooking date. You can both try cooking a new recipe out of the book together from afar. 

This lush rose arrangement of romantic pinks and reds will sing a song of love to your special someone's heart.

Love Medley of Roses

Love Medley of Roses

It’s true that you can never go wrong by sending your Valentine beautiful blooms. While red roses might be the symbol of love and romance, pink roses symbolize gratitude, grace, and joy. Together, these breathtaking flowers are the perfect way to express your feelings for your faraway sweetheart. Our gorgeous “Love Medley of Roses” is the ideal arrangement of fresh flowers to brighten their day. 

If you remember one thing from our list, it’s that the perfect gift comes from the heart. Your romantic gesture will surely be received with admiration and appreciation, no matter what you choose. Until you can embrace your Valentine again, our team at French Florist is at your service.

Capture the Essence of the Sky & Ocean with these Blue Flowers

Blue is all around us in the sky and water, yet, when it comes to flowers…not so much. Blue flowers are more rare, but when you do come across some, you realize just how strikingly beautiful they are. Here at French Florist, we love working with blue flowers and have listed some of our favorites below.

Beautiful Blue Flowers

Blue Hydrangea

Blue Hydrangea

Hydrangeas are bountiful, lush, breathtaking flowers and come in subtle shades of blue such as light, powder blue, and sky blue. The shade of blue achieved is determined by the alkalinity of the soil. Blue hydrangea conveys a deep understanding and strong feeling of love and adoration when given as a gift. Hydrangea also symbolizes grace, beauty, and prosperity. This bloom works great with most other florals as it complements other shapes and colors well, and it makes for a stunning arrangement on its own, too.

Blue Delphinium

Blue Delphinium

A true blue flower with a gorgeous bright hue, delphiniums have delicate petals in a radiant blue with a slight gradation. They are simple yet elegant blooms that stand for fun, new opportunities, and encouragement for chasing your dreams.

Blue Grape Hyacinth

Grape Hyacinth

This beautiful bulb-shaped flower grows in clusters resembling a bunch of grapes. They come in a range of colors from blue, purple, white, and yellow. The grape hyacinth represents trust and sincerity in many cultures and also symbolizes joy and rebirth.

Bluestar flowrs in field


Named for their star-shaped blooms, bluestars are charming blue flowers that make any garden or floral arrangement pop. This pretty little flower represents steadfastness and affection.

Blue Bellflower against a white background


With blooms in the shape of a bell, the lovely Bellflower also comes in several different colors such as light purple, pink, white, and blue. These long-stemmed beauties make great cut flowers and their brilliant blue compliments any arrangement. Bellflowers are associated with the realm of fairies and symbolize humility, reverence, and gratitude.

Blue Asters in a field of green

Blue Aster

In ancient times, asters were considered magical flowers that could drive away evil spirits as well as have healing properties. These daisy-shaped blooms symbolize love, patience, and elegance.

Blue Morning Glory in bush of greenery

Morning Glory

An ornamental floral frequently used in weddings, the morning glory is a saucer-shaped flower that blooms in the morning and dies in the evening. The flower symbolizes love and its duality, meaning it represents eternal love and affection as well as unrequited love and longing. Either way, it’s still a striking blue flower.

Blue and white iris growing on green stem


The gorgeous and alluring iris flower comes in a variety of colors which explains its name: in Greek, “iris” translates into “rainbow.” A regal bloom, iris flowers symbolize faith, wisdom, hope, and valor. A beautiful accent bloom, irises also make quite a statement when grouped together by themselves.

Forget Me Not Flowers


This adorable blue flower may be tiny but its bright blue color makes it worth remembering. A 15th-century legend states that wearers of this flower would not be forgotten by their loved ones. A symbol of faithful love and loving memories, forget-me-not are often used in romantic celebrations.

Blue cornflowers growing


A stunningly beautiful blue flower, the cornflower is also known as the bachelor button flower. Single men used to wear the cornflower on their lapel while courting someone. If the flower died quickly, it would indicate the love is not reciprocated. These bright blue blooms symbolize hope in love, celibacy, and blessedness.

Blue Orchid blooms up close

Blue Orchid

Orchids are exotic, beautiful flowers cherished by many people, but blue orchids are exquisite, rare, and remarkable as well as highly coveted. The Aztecs and Greeks regarded blue orchids as symbols of strength and virility. These gorgeous blooms also represent perfection, opulence, beauty, and luxury.

single Blue Anemone against green leaves

Blue Anemone

The beautiful blue anemone can brighten any home with its charming simplicity and lovely fragrance. Believed to bring luck and protection against evil, blue anemones are also known for being magical and bringing peace of mind.

Exuding and radiating translucence and dispersion of light that is peaceful yet exciting

Blue Topaz

For something different yet special and striking, go blue the next time you want to send flowers to someone or to freshen up your space with beautiful flowers. Peruse our selection of florals now to find the perfect arrangement.

Attract Good Luck with these Plants and Flowers

Filling your home with plants and flower instantly refreshes the place and is proven to improve moods. There are some plants, though, which do this and also attract good luck and positivity. Get a little something extra with these plants that are known for attracting good vibes, luck, love, and fortune.

Plants that Bring Good Luck

Lucky Bamboo in ceramic pot

Lucky Bamboo

Lucky Bamboo is known for attracting positive energy into the home and is a common good luck plant in many countries. Representing all-around good fortune, the number of stalks a bamboo plant has determines which area of your life is attracting good luck. For example, 3 stalks focus on happiness, wealth, and long life, 6 on good luck and wealth, 7 on good health, 9 great luck, and 10 perfection.

small money tree in yellow pot

Money Tree

The Chinese Money Tree is believed to bring money and good luck. With a trunk that is braided while the plants are young and pliable, good luck vibes are trapped within the braids. This plant is also a great air purifier creating tranquility and peace in the home as well.

green jade plant in terraotta pot

Jade Plant

Considered a lucky plant because of its longevity and round, thick leaves, which attract wealth, the Jade plant is a beautiful green succulent that fits in any space in your home.

snake plant in square white pot with white stones

Snake Plant

The unique vertical and pointed leaves of the Snake Plant are not only striking but purify the air better than most plants. Also, due to their sword-like appearance, the leaves are believed to cut through obstacles and negative energy allowing only positive, good luck vibes to flow through.

money plant in orange pot on counter

Money Plant

Also known as the Coin Plant, this variety of money plant has delicate, flat, and rounded leaves that attract wealth and good fortune.


Flowers that Bring Good Luck

Flowers have a natural, dynamic energy about them that makes them desired in the home year-round. Known to boost spirits and promote well being, you can never go wrong with fresh florals in your home. The below flowers, though, are known to be especially lucky, though.

Blue and Lavender Hydrangea


Hydrangeas are lush, beautiful, and bountiful florals that symbolize good luck and fortune. They also represent gratitude, happiness, and enlightenment.

dark pink peonies up close


It’s no surprise that Peonies, with their full, delicate, and bountiful blooms, symbolize luck, prosperity, love, and good fortune.

dark pink mums in garden


Chrysanthemums are said to carry strong positive energy currents that attract good luck into your home. They also represent longevity and harmony, too.

yellow and orange marigolds


Marigolds are said to have protective qualities that shoo away evil spirits. Other cultures believe marigolds represent a pot of gold and are symbolic of good fortune.

purple and white Phalaenopsis Orchid


Exotic and elegant, Orchid plants have long been associated with fertility, wealth, luxury, and good fortune. They also symbolize abundance and can enhance career success.

dark pink blooming azleas


Pretty pink Azaleas are bright and cheery and when placed next to your front door, they will attract good luck and positivity into your home.

It’s always wonderful having fresh florals and plants in your home, but knowing some of them can also enhance your luck make them even twice as nice. Select some gorgeous lucky flowers for you or a loved one today!

8 Charmingly Odd Christmas Customs

Christmas is a holiday that is embraced by countries all over the world who have infused this holiday with their own unique and wonderful cultural traditions. Here in the states, we have Santa Claus, elves, presents, and large feasts, while other countries have Christmas customs that are wildly different. 

 giant illuminated paper lanterns

Giant Lantern Festival photo

The Philippines – Giant Lanterns

Each December, Filipinos in the city of San Fernando celebrate Christmas with the Giant Lantern Festival. Giant lanterns illuminated by light and decorated with brightly colored elaborate designs are built by several surrounding communities in a friendly competition to create the most extravagant lantern. Light is symbolic to the Filipinos and this beautiful festival symbolizes hope and love through the holiday season. 

Webbed Christmas Tree

Webbed Christmas Tree photo –

Ukraine – Spider Webs in the Tree

A popular tradition in Ukraine is to decorate their Christmas tree with fake spiders and spider webs. Stemming from an old legend about a poor woman whose children were upset because they didn’t have any money to buy decorations for their tree, the spiders in the home spun intricate and decorative webs across the tree while the family slept. On Christmas morning, the children awoke to find a beautifully decorated tree that glistened silver and gold in the morning light. Since then, spiders have been considered a sign of good luck and fortune. 

KFC Japan Santa

KFC Japan Santa

Japan – KFC Christmas Dinner

Families in Japan have been enjoying KFC chicken for their Christmas dinner since 1974 when a very successful marketing campaign promoted a bucket of the Colonel’s golden fried best as the perfect Christmas meal. This tradition has really gained steam as more than 3.6 million people enjoy fried chicken on December 25th in Japan. Orders must be put in months in advance.

Boots with Carrots in them

Boots with Carrots

Germany – Boots by the Door

Christmas is very big in Germany and they have many traditions across the country. One of the more popular ones is for kids to place their cleanest, nicest pair of boots outside their bedroom door on December 5th, the night before St. Nicholas’s arrival. In the morning when they wake, they will find their boots stuffed with candy, nuts, and small gifts. 

parade of men dressed as Krampus


Austria – Krampus

The biggest Christmas tradition in Austria is to dress up as Krampus rattling chains and clanking bells to terrify children who have been naughty. Based on an old pre-Christian myth, Krampus is a goat-like demon who wanders the streets looking for children who misbehave and stuffing them in his sack to whisk them down into Hell. Each year across Austria men dress as Krampus and walk in parades down city streets. 

Christmas Witch

La Befana

Italy – La Befana

One of Italy’s more unique Christmas traditions comes in the form of a witch, Le Befana. A tale that dates back to the 13th Century, Le Befana will ride her broom down your chimney to leave presents for well-behaved children who leave food and wine for her. Her visits take place after Christmas though, on January 5th, Eve of the Epiphany. 

13 Yule Lads - Photo by

Yule Lads – Photo by

Iceland – Yule Lads

In the 13 nights leading up to Christmas, each child in Iceland is visited by each of the troll-like tricksters called the Yule Lads. Wreaking harmless chaos across the land, these tricksters will leave candy in the shoes of kids who have been well-behaved and leave rotting potatoes for those kids who have not. With names like “Sausage-Swiper,” “Door-Slammer,” and “Pot-Scraper,” these lads have tons of fun. 

Christmas Cracker on plate

Christmas Cracker

England – Christmas Crackers

Christmas in England is very similar to Christmas in the states with one tradition that hasn’t caught on here yet which are Christmas crackers. Placed by everyone’s plate during the Christmas meal, crackers are paper tubes wrapped in Christmas paper with a tab at each end. When the tabs are pulled apart, a large cracking sound will be heard as confetti, candy, and little trinkets fall out. Oftentimes, riddles and jokes are included as well as a paper hat which must be worn by everyone while eating dinner. 


One tradition we know that everyone loves is… receiving flowers. Flowers are universally enjoyed by everyone, so spruce up your holiday home or send to someone who’s hard to shop for – flowers always make the perfect gift. 

Keep the Love Going for Your Poinsettia All Year Long

The colorful poinsettia blooms in the middle of winter which makes them a popular houseplant for the holidays. Plus, their bright red bracts (leaves) are the same colors as Christmas. The poinsettia can thrive from Thanksgiving to Christmas and even months longer with proper care. In fact, they can be kept as a houseplant for years and with a little effort can rebloom each year, too. Follow the below guide from the floral experts at French Florist for poinsettia care and reblooming.

Caring for a Poinsettia Year-Round

Once you get your poinsettia home, find a sunny window with plenty of bright, indirect, natural light and place it there. Make sure there are no cold drafts or excess heat from electric appliances. Also, don’t let the leaves touch the cold window as they might die. The soil should be kept moist but not soggy.

When the leaves begin to turn yellow and fade, and your poinsettia is not looking as pretty as when you first got it, then gradually reduce water to allow the plant to dry out a bit. This will lull it into its rest period. The leaves will begin to fall off, including the colorful bracts. Once all the leaves are gone, put the plant in a cool, dark room (around 50-60 F). Continue to water but only enough to prevent it from withering. 

In late spring, remove the poinsettia from storage. Trim its stems to about 5 inches from above the soil. Repot into a larger container with fresh potting soil. Water until the soil is fairly well soaked allowing the excess water to drain. Return your poinsettia to a warm, sunny window. When the plant begins actively growing, start fertilizing monthly with a half-strength diluted solution.

When summer arrives and temperatures stay above 55 at night, you can move your poinsettia outdoors to an area with some shade. Maintain a regular fertilizing schedule and water when the topsoil becomes dry. Pinch the tips off of new stems to get a bushy plant. Just leave two to three nodes on each new stem.

Around September when temperatures begin to drop, move the plant back indoors and return to a window with full sun. Keep the plant away from drafts, low temps, and soggy soil. The ideal night temps range between 60-65 F and ideal day temps are 65- 75 F. 

Known as a “short-day” plant, poinsettias thrive when exposed to only 8-10 hours of daylight. At night, during this time, it’s imperative they receive complete non-interrupted darkness for 12-16 hours. Starting Oct.1, keep the plant in a sunny window during the day and in a dark closet or under a sturdy box for 10 weeks. Continue watering and fertilizing until mid-December.

Next? Your reward — a beautifully rebloomed poinsettia! Give yourself a pat on the back for your dedication and hard work. If your poinsettia did not rebloom, don’t despair – some plants just won’t. If you feel this is too much work, that’s OK. Your local Los Angeles florist appreciates your support when you purchase new poinsettias from them every year!

🎄 French Florist’s Expert Holiday Guides to Gifts, Flowers, Decor & More

The season of holiday cheer is here! Is there anyone who doesn’t love the holiday season?! I mean, all the sparking lights, colorful decorations, delicious holiday feasts, and presents?! There are reasons enough to celebrate in our book! Plus, the camaraderie and goodwill that abounds this time of year are truly magical. Here at French Florist, Los Angeles’ best florist, we love the holiday season, and to help you prepare for it we collected all of our holiday-themed blogs into one place. Browse the topics below to discover holiday decor tips, one-of-kind gifts, beautiful seasonal flowers, and more! From our family to yours, have a wonderful holiday season!

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🦃 Thanksgiving Decor Tips, Fun Facts, and Floral Inspiration 🍁

Happy Thanksgiving! It’s finally that time of year where we get to enjoy a day off to celebrate with friends and family and stuff ourselves with delicious succulent turkey and all the sides. Here at French Florist, we love Thanksgiving! No matter how crazy the year has been, this is one day where give thanks for the good things in our lives. And with the Macy’s parade, the National Dog Show, Netflix movies, football, and loved ones feasting all day long, there’s definitely plenty to be thankful for. Peruse our Thanksgiving-related posts which we’ve assembled for you here to learn about the history of this great holiday, porch decorating tips, fabulous fall flowers, amazing centerpieces, and more. From our family to yours, we hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday!

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