🦃 Thanksgiving Decor Tips, Fun Facts, and Floral Inspiration 🍁

Happy Thanksgiving! It’s finally that time of year where we get to enjoy a day off to celebrate with friends and family and stuff ourselves with delicious succulent turkey and all the sides. Here at French Florist, we love Thanksgiving! No matter how crazy the year has been, this is one day where give thanks for the good things in our lives. And with the Macy’s parade, the National Dog Show, Netflix movies, football, and loved ones feasting all day long, there’s definitely plenty to be thankful for. Peruse our Thanksgiving-related posts which we’ve assembled for you here to learn about the history of this great holiday, porch decorating tips, fabulous fall flowers, amazing centerpieces, and more. From our family to yours, we hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday!

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All About Fall Flowers

The wonderful textures of fall – dried leaves, plaid scarfs, comfy wool sweaters, and stunning flowers like mums, dahlias, and celosia combined with crisp, cool air make us love fall. Grab a mug of spiced apple cider, pumpkin latte, or pumpkin beer and dive into fall with be reading our collection of some autumn-themed blogs we have posted over the years. You will discover tips and tricks for decorating your porch, awesome fall flowers, gifts, activities, and more. Then, check out our amazing selection of fall floral arrangements perfect for welcoming the season into your home.

If excellence and the height of luxury is what you desire, this magnificent bouquet is unmatched by any other. Boasting only the most premium of floral varieties, such as Roses, Hydrangea, Cymbidium Orchids, Miniature Calla Lilies, and much more, this clustered bouquet is hand-designed only by the best, and will make an impression that will not soon be forgotten.

A Rhapsody

5 Fun and Simple Porch Decorating Ideas for Fall

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Fall’s Bold Textures and Colors

A Bright, Jewel-Toned Floral Piece For Fall

A Fun Fall Entertaining Idea

A vibrant bouquet featuring sunflowers, roses and hydrangea nestled together to form this beautiful masterpiece.

Floral Embrace

Marvelous Mum Decor for Fall

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Chrysanthemums: The Perfect Fall Flower

The Flower of Fall: Chrysanthemum

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A vibrant display of Lilies, Tulips and Roses sprouting out of a bed of delicious green Hydrangea and wisps of curling bear grass. A lovely choice for any cheery occasion but perfect for either Spring or Fall season. True colors of Autumn delight!

Roses, Tulips, Lilies Galore

Keep Your Space Green with These Easy Plants

Plants are a wonderful addition to any home because they are lavish, decorative, fresh, alive, and clean the air. If you want to add some greenery into your home but don’t know where to start, or are afraid of killing them, then the below list of low-maintenance and easy to grow plants is a great place to begin. We could all use a little greenery in our life and it’s worth it to give it shot. You’ll see it’s easy to have plants and benefit from all the good things plants bring.

Simple, Non-Demanding Plants

Heartleaf Philodendrons

Also known as the Sweetheart Plant, this is a trailing plant with dark green, heart-shaped leaves that have a natural high shine to them. There are also varieties with leaves that have a beautiful yellow and green variegated pattern. Adaptable to most lighting conditions, this plant is easy to grow and is a great starter plant. For optimum growth, place in an area with a moderate amount of indirect light and let the soil dry out between waterings. Being mildly toxic, make sure to keep pets and kids away.

ZZ Plant

Another plant which is actually a succulent, the ZZ plant has dark green, oval leaves that have a waxy shine and grow in abundance from vertical stems giving the plant a lush look. The ZZ Plant is nearly indestructible and can survive adverse conditions such as low light and drought. They can be placed anywhere in the home and will do just fine but prefer bright to moderate indirect light. Let the solid completely dry out between waterings.

Phalaenopsis Orchid

The beautiful “Moth Orchid” is actually a very easy orchid variety to grow indoors. Their stunning, beautiful blooms can last up to four months and can bloom as often as twice a year. This is a pretty forgiving plant and can last up to 10 years. Place in a an area with low light, no full sun, and water once a week when in bloom. Once the bloom is off, you only need to water it every two weeks.

Peace Lily

Easy to grow indoors, the Peace Lily, is a lush, full plant with curving, rich green leaves. They will surprise you by blooming a beautiful white flower when you least expect it. Exoitc and elegant, the Peace Lily also filters toxins in the air. They enjoy moist soil and bright, indirect light. Keep pets and kids away though as this plant is toxic to them.

Jade Plant

A great plant for beginners, the Jade Plant, which is a succulent, grows easily and is not very demanding. Its thick, dark green, waxy leaves retain water so it can go a while between waterings. The Jade Plant can also grow to large size so prune accordingly. Place in full sun and water only when the soil feels dry for this beauty to thrive.

Prayer Plant

For a colorful, hardy, tropical plant, the Prayer Plant is a great choice. It comes in varieties of colorufl leaves and patterns. They are called Prayer Plant because some of them fold their leaves up at night resembling hands in prayer. They are not too picky about their lighting conditions, but bright, indirect light is best, and keep the soil moist.

Perfect Gifts to Accompany Flowers

Perfect Gifts

Flowers are the perfect gift because they are appropriate for all occasions. Plus, everyone loves flowers, they have been proven to lift spirits and reduce stress, and they are beautiful and fragrant. There’s nothing quite like a bouquet of gorgeous, fresh flowers from a florist. Sometimes, though, you may be inclined to couple another item with flowers to make your gift all the more special.

Here at French Florist, we’ve got you covered on both counts. Not only do we offer a wide range of high-quality, pretty blooms, but we also put together a list of other items that go great with a bouquet of flowers too.

Top Gifts to Bundle with Flowers


Home-Made Dinner

Cooking someone’s favorite meal and surprising them with a bouquet of fresh, lovely flowers will make you the sure-fire hero of the night. 

Spa Essentials

Gifts like fancy soaps, bath bombs, and essential oils that lets someone recreate a spa experience in their own home are wonderful on their own. But paired with beautiful flowers ups the wow factor and tells the recipient you think they’re very special. 

Artisanal Chocolates

Show the special person in your life that you’ve put some thought into their gift by picking up premier hand-crafted chocolate from your local chocolatier and gorgeous, fresh flowers from your local florist. It’s a gift combo they won’t soon forget. 


Impress a loved one by including an elegant bottle of nice perfume along with a gorgeous bouquet of fresh flowers. These two gifts go wonderfully together.  


Pairing gorgeous jewelry with a gorgeous bouquet of fresh flowers is such a swoon-worthy gift, you better be ready to catch the recipient. 


Make pairing wine with a gorgeous bouquet of flowers anything but ordinary by selecting a wine that complements the flowers. Either by matching colors, aromas, boldness, putting a little thought in the right flower+wine combo can make this gift extraordinary.


The Fragrant and Vibrant Varieties of Lilies


Lilies are an assorted group of vibrantly-colored flowers with abundant blooms and pleasant scents. With over 90 kinds of species, though, it can be tough to keep track of all the different types, which is why a classification order was created to organize the many varieties of lilies. All true lilies have specific characteristics, though, which are six petals and six anthers. After that, color, shape, size, and pattern are immensely varied.

Lily Symbolism

A common story of the origin of the lily dates back to Greek mythology, where the Goddess Hera created lilies on Earth when she spilled a few drops of her breast milk. Since Hera is the Goddess of marriage, women, and childbirth, the lily is often associated with rebirth and motherhood. In China, the lily is a popular flower in weddings because it symbolizes good luck and 100 years of love. In Christianity, the Madonna lily is associated with the Virgin Mary and represents purity and chastity.







Other meanings are often related to the color of the lily, as follows:

  • White lilies represent purity, virtue, and innocence.
  • Pink lilies represent abundance and prosperity.
  • Red lilies represent love and passion
  • Orange lilies represent confident, wealth, and pride
  • Yellow lilies represent joy, thankfulness, and good health

Basic Lily Facts

There are flowers that have a lily name, such as Calla lily, Daylily, or Water lily, but these are not “true lilies.” Only lilies which are part of the genus Lilium are known as true lilies and they are easily identifiable as they all have six petals and six anthers, which is the part that contains pollen. Lilies typically have large blooms and come in a wide range of nearly every color. Some lilies are extremely fragrant, while others have no scent at all.

Lilies have been revered in many cultures throughout history and is often associated with royalty. Other common meanings attributed to the lily is purity, grace, fertility, and rebirth. Lilies have a certain regal-ness and purity about them which makes them a common feature in important ceremonies such as weddings, celebrations, and coronations.

Lily Classifications & Examples

Pink Pixie Lilies

Pink Pixie Lilies


Division 1: Asiatic Hybrid – Most popular lilies in the world. Come in almost every color but have little to no scent. Attractive and long-lasting.  (Tango, Forever Susan, Orange Pixie Lily, Elodie Lily, Lollipop)





Turk's Cap Lily

Turk’s Cap Lily


Division 2: Martagon Hybrid – Dramatic, visually interesting, producing many small dainty downward-facing blossoms. Flowers can be numerous 40-50 per stem and strikingly colored. (Turk’s Cap)





Madonna Lily

Madonna Lily


Division 3: Candidum Hybrid – famous for the Madonna lily that has a lovely fragrance white flowers and a yellow base.  Up to 20 blossoms per stem. (Madonna)





Tiger Lily

Tiger Lily


Division 4: American Hybrid – Includes hybrids of wild lilies in North America.  (Tiger Lily)






Easter Lilies

Easter Lilies


Division 5: Longiflorum Hybrid – Easter lily and hybrids are with elegant pure white and trumpet-shaped. Bloom during Easter. (Easter Lily)





African Queen Lily

African Queen Lily

Division 6: Trumpet and Aurelian Hybrids
– Tall and elegant with fragrant flowers with stunning trumpet-shaped flowers. Popular Cut Flowers, lush, large trumpet-shaped flowers and heady sweet fragrance. (African Queen)





Stargazer Lily

Stargazer Lily

Division 7
: Oriental Hybrid – Known for large, robust, upright flowers. Flowers that fall in this class have large blooms and great scents. Strong, enchanting fragrance.  (Stargazer, Casablanca, Acapulco Lily)




Orange LA Hybrid Lily

Orange LA Hybrid Lily


Division 8:
Interdivisional Hybrids – hybrids of the previous seven divisions.





Wild Yellow and Red Lily

Wild Yellow and Red Lily


Division 9: Species – pure, wild “parents” of the previous 8 hybrids. Wild lilies that are the ancestors to all of the other classes.Natural and delicate beauty. Charming.




A gorgeous assorment of colorful Lilies, Roses, Alstromeria, and various other assorted flowers, tastefully arranged in an elegant, heavy glass vase.


A Pure, Lovely Flower

Lilies have made an impact on many different cultures because of its diversity and beauty. There is nothing quite like the lily flower with all of its grandness, vibrancy, unique shapes, and amazing fragrance. Now that you are more familiar with the different types of lilies, you’ll have no trouble finding one which is perfect for the special people in your life, or for yourself. French Florist has a wonderful selection of bouquets featuring lilies, peruse them online here or give us a call!

Beautiful Flowers with Amazing Fragrance

Fragrant Flowers

Fresh flowers are one of the best things to gift someone due to their striking beauty, delicate and intriguing textures, wide array of vibrant colors, and wonderful aromas. Many flowers have sweet, lovely, and intoxicating scents. If you’d like to include some fragrant flowers in the next bouquet you send, we’ve highlighted the top smelling florals for you so they can experience a gift that delights their sense of smell as well as their sense of sight. 

Best-Smelling Flowers


Pink and Purple Hyacinth


These highly fragrant flowers are known for having an earthy and sweet scent. Composed of 4-6 reflexed petals, hyacinth flowers bloom in dense clusters of various colors like pink, red, purple, white, orange, and blue. Its aroma develops as the bud blooms, starting out as lightly floral and becoming more intense and heady as it opens. The scent is so sweet that it deters pests and animals drawn to its bright colors. A wonderful pick-me-up for anybody who loves sweet aromas, the hyacinth is a fabulous flower that enhances any bouquet.


Freesia Flowers


Freesias grow in a variety of colors and have a sweet, fruity scent. A beautiful trumpet-shaped flower with delicate leaves, freesia is a wonderful way to bring a natural, sweet smell to any home.


Colorful Roses


Known the world over for its beauty and its intoxicating scent, roses make a wonderful addition to any bouquet you want to be “scent-sual.”  There are, however, different types of fragrances roses can have due to their genetic make-up, growing conditions, and age. For example, darker colored roses have a stronger fragrance than lighter-colored ones. Also, the smell of a rose as a bud is different from when the rose is fully opened, and the rose’s fragrance intensifies when the weather is warm and humid. Smelling roses is considered relaxing and restorative as it makes us take a moment and breathe deeply and slowly to enjoy its pleasing aromatic notes.


Pale Pink Peonies


Peonies bloom only for a short period of time, but when they do, these lush, full blooms emit a fresh, sweet fragrance that can fill a room with their wonderful aroma. Peonies come in an assortment of pleasing colors such as pink, white, lavender, and magenta. Pink and white double peonies tend to be the most fragrant while single peonies do not have a scent. With over 40 different species of peonies, their scent can range from sweet and fresh to citrusy and spicy, like ginger.


Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea

The delicate, pleasing aroma of the Sweet Pea is what makes it a favorite of soaps, perfumes, and lotions. Sweet and gentle, this a flower that pairs well with other scented florals. With thin, fragile petals that make up a small bloom, the scent of the Sweet Pea more than makes up for its size. This is a flower that adds a wonderful pop of color and pleasing fragrance to any arrangement.


Stargazer Lily


Lilies come in a range of no smell, light, and pleasant smelling, to overwhelmingly fragrant and perfumey. Starfighter lilies have the strongest scent which is described as sweet and tropical, which goes nicely with this bloom’s rich pink color. Sonata lilies have more of a light, citrusy fragrance which is more subtle and delicate. Rose Lilies, known more for their dramatic look, offer just a hint of a delightful smell.


Lavender Flowers


The scent of lavender has been cherished for centuries and used for its soothing and calming properties. Fresh cut lavender can last for over a week in water and since it dries well, its aroma can be enjoyed for a long time afterwards.


this magnificent bouquet is unmatched by any other. Boasting only the most premium of floral varieties, such as Roses, Hydrangea, Cymbidium Orchids, Miniature Calla Lilies, and much more,



There is nothing else quite like flowers…. which is why they are so special and lift the spirits of all who are around them. At French Florist, we strive to provide all our customers with the most striking floral arrangements and gifting options available for all flower lovers. If you’d like help in picking out a perfectly-scented floral bouquet for someone special, give us a call, we are happy to help.

How to Know Your Plant Is Getting Plenty of Sunlight

Soak Up the Sun

Due to their beauty, mood-boosting, and air-purifying qualities, houseplants have become very popular. If you’re new to having them, though, then it’s important to make sure you place your plant in an area where it can get plenty of light. Remember, though, what seems like a well-lit room to you may still not have adequate amounts of light reach your plant to ensure it grows like it should. If your plant is exhibiting any of the below marks of insufficient lighting, then read on for more helpful hints and tips to ensure your plants flourish and thrive so you can enjoy their benefits. When you’re finished, peruse French Florist’s plant catalog for more beautiful plants to bring into your home.

Evidence of Insufficient Light on Your Plants


Long, slender stems are known as “leggy” and are a sure sign your plant requires more light. In a plant’s quest for survival, they will stretch and reach to capture as much light as possible. Leggy stems also have wide spaces between adjacent leaves. This space is called the internodal space and is much smaller in healthy plants. Large internodal spaces are symptoms of a light-starved plant.

Leggy Plant


Small Leaves

Scarcity of light means a plant isn’t getting enough energy to grow its leaves to the proper size. To conserve the small amount of energy it is getting, a plant will produce smaller leaves. Match new growth to older growth to ascertain if there is a stark contrast in size.



A lopsided or leaning plant signals the entire plant is not getting satisfactory sunlight. Plants will grow and stretch to absorb as much light as possible and this could lead to a one-sided plant. Make sure your plant is in a well-lit area and give it turn every time you water it so all the leaves get equal amounts of light.

Leaning Plant


Abnormal Leaf Color

Light green or yellow leaves that start to drop off are signs of poor lighting. Without decent lighting, chlorophyll, which gives a leaf its green color, cannot carry out the photosynthesis process which keeps leaves green and healthy. Also, if your plant has variegated coloring, in an effort to absorb as much light as possible, the colored leaves will revert to all green.


Slowed Growth

During the spring and summer plants should exhibit a significant amount of growth. If yours does not, then it could indicate weak lighting. No new growth of stunted growth are warnings a plant is not receiving sufficient energy from light to become lush and big.

Getting the Light Right


Healthy Plants

As it is possible for a plant to receive too much light also, resulting in scorched tips or “burnt” patches on the leaves, getting the lighting right for a plant may be tricky. Only sun-worshipping plants should be in direct lighting for 6 or more hours a day. These would be cacti, succulents, and palm plants. Otherwise, indirect bright light works best for most other plants. Just realize that every foot away from a window that a plant is moved to is exponentially decreased light for the plant. You may not see it, but the plant will.

Try out different sunny places in your home and if you’re unable to move your plant to a better lit spot, then get a grow light, which will allow you to place your plant anywhere. Grow lights will ensure your plant gets enough light to remain healthy and happy.

Skip the Travel and Enjoy a Great Staycation


Vacations are great… once you get to your destination. The traveling parts, though, of waiting in line, waiting for planes, being stuck on crowded transportation, not knowing where you’re going, and lugging heavy bags around with you all over the place, are not so great. This is why many people are choosing to staycation instead. Not only is it cheaper, but you don’t have to travel anywhere. But, to get the vacation-type benefits from your staycation, you need to invest a little money and recreate the vacation experience in your own home. Follow the below tips to have an amazing staycation.


Indoor Plants

Add Some Greenery

Bring the green in! Add some lush, fresh green plants to your home for an instant refresh and lovely addition. Plants not only go with every type of décor, but purify the air, and add a touch of tropical paradise to your home.


Spa Bathroom

Turn Your Bathroom Into a Spa

Update your bathroom to look like a spa with a few simple changes. After decluttering everything and tidying up, invest in some soft, thick towels. Add plush bath mats and a new shower curtain. Next, add some fragrance with fancy soaps and bath bombs. Put a plant or a vase of fresh flowers on the counter and hang a soft robe on a hook and comfy slippers on the floor, and your spa is ready to go.


Backyard Oasis

Create a Tropical Oasis in Your Backyard

Spend a little money to create a backyard retreat you can enjoy every day, but especially during your staycation. Add large trees and tall plants with big leaves to create shade and privacy. Lush trees create the appearance of abundance and essential to making your yard look like a tropical oasis. Next, add a water feature like a koi pond, waterfall, or water fountain to block out noises from the street and add instant tranquility.


Flowers in a vase

Surround Yourself with Flowers

When is the last time you had a bunch of fresh, gorgeous flowers in your home? Having flowers around makes you feel special and provide an immediate boost to your mood. Luxury resort have flowers all over the place, so should you.

Additional Indulgences to Create a Perfect Staycation

  • New quality bed sheets for a luxurious night’s sleep.
  • Hire a housecleaner for the week… because you’re on vacation!
  • Send the kids camp…they’ll love it and you’ll love it.
  • Hire a chef… Treat yourself and hire a chef to cook dinner a couple of nights a week, or to create a whole week’s worth of dinners for you to just reheat.

Once the staycation is over, it’s important to occasionally treat yourself to mini-vacation and there’s no better way to do that than by having fresh flowers around your home to boost your spirits and promote well-being. Los Angeles’  top flower shop, French Florist is here to help keep your home in gorgeous plants and flowers and to help you plan your next wonderful staycation.

These Green Buildings Are Inspired by Flowers

Flower Inspired Architecture

The glorious flower has become the inspiration for some modern architects who constructed flower-shaped buildings in their effort to bring a little bit of nature into the urban landscape. The results are astounding, to say the least. Plus, many of these structures are certified “green” and are examples of how future architecture can reduce the use of resources while still looking amazing. Here at French Florist we’ve put together a list of some of most striking buildings from across the globe that are designed to look like a flower.


ArtScience Museum

ArtScience Museum

ArtScience Museum


Like a Lotus Blossom spinning on the surface of the water, the ArtScience museum in Singapore floats above the ground with radiating petals of differing heights bringing a little bit of nature into the urban landscape. A stunning structure with walls that curve upward seamlessly, this building also has many sustainable and energy-efficient features. The tops of the petals have rectangular skylights to allow natural sunlight to illuminate the galleries. The center of the roof has an oculus where rain pours down forming a waterfall that falls through the center of the building to the bottom level emptying into a reflection pool. The water is recycled to create a continuous waterfall loop as well as furnish water to the restrooms and exterior landscape.


Lotus Temple, Dehli

Lotus Temple, Dehli

The Lotus Temple (Baha’i House of Worship)

Delhi, India

Also shaped like a Lotus Blossom flower, the Lotus Temple in Delhi showcases the symmetry of this beautiful flower while also paying homage to nature and the Creator. Perfectly balanced from all angles, there are three levels of lotus blossom petals that encircle the interior dome. The lower level of petals turn outwards to create a canopied rooftop over each of the nine entrances. In front of each entrance are decorative reflection pools in the shape of lotus blossom leaves. The reflection pools not only provide cool air to the interior of the building also present the illusion that the flower is floating on water. Inside, there’s no decoration besides the play of light and reflection from the water. Open to all faiths and all religions, the Lotus Temple is one of the most visited sites in the world


Wuhan. Wuhan New Energy Centre. Photo: Soeters Van Eldonk

Wuhan Energy Flower Building

Wuhan, China

Rising up from the landscape and facing the sun like a bold, proud flower, the Wuhan Energy building is an incredible example of sustainable architecture and a display of new energy sources. The design, inspired by the beautiful calla lily, has a circular roof covered with solar panels to soak up the sun’s energy. Sitting atop the tower at an angle, the roof is able to provide shade to the tower underneath during China’s hottest summer days. The rooftop is also shaped like a chalice to catch rainwater for recycling it throughout the building, Inside the giant pistil are wind turbines which produce another alternative energy source to power the building. Impressively, this building emits zero carbon emissions and is one of the most energy-efficient and sustainable structures in the world.

Check Out These Cool Flower ID Apps

Identify your flowers in an instant

If you’ve ever wanted to know as much as you possibly could about your favorite flowers and plants, then download one of the below plant and flower identifier apps and you’ll feel like a botany expert! Plant identification apps have grown in popularity, and number, in the past few years with improved technology and social networks providing you will detailed information on thousands of flora species. Here at Los Angeles’  top flower shop, French Florist, we’ve done the work for you by listing some of the best plant and flower ID apps available for you to download. You’re going to love them!

Boasting only the most premium of floral varieties, such as Roses, Hydrangea, Cymbidium Orchids, Miniature Calla Lilies, and much more, this clustered bouquet is hand-designed only by the best,

Awesome Flower and Plant Identification Apps

What’s That Flower?

This flower identification app starts with about the flower you want to identify. First, you select the color, the habitat, and then the number of petals it has. Based on your answers, the app presents a multitude of flower varieties that fall into that category. It’s fun to peruse through all the flowers. Plus, when you select a particular flower, you can learn more about it including its taxonomy.


This identification app is service-based where you upload a picture of an unknown plant or flower (or lichen, moss, and even fungi) and a team of real botanists will reply. The response may take several minutes or several hours, but the developers claim to be able to identify over 90% of plants. Each correct identification costs .99 cents, but there is no charge if they are unable to provide an identification.


This app uses artificial intelligence to identify plants and flowers and is very easy to use. Just upload a photo of the plant you want to be identified, or take a picture, and then just wait for it to do its magic. The developers claim the advanced AI of this app has identified over 27 million plants with 99% accuracy. In addition to identification, PictureThis also provides plant care tips, diagnoses for sick plants, pest control for plants, and more. This app is a subscription-based app but offers a 7-day free trial period.


Similar to PictureThis, you upload or take a picture of a plant or flower and visual recognition software will provide potential matches. Their database includes flowering plants, grasses, trees, conifers, vines, cacti, and more. PlantNet is also a citizen science project in that all the plant photos are collected and analyzed by botanists around the world to better understand plant biodiversity. This is a free app and is very well-reviewed.

Other Super Cool Plant Identification Apps

There are multiple plant and flower identification apps available and you may want to download more than one. Here are a few notable others:

  • Plantix – popular with gardeners and farmers, this app identifies plants and plant diseases.
  • Smart Plant Home – submit a photo of a plant to an expert team who will not only identify it but also tell you how to care for it.
  • LeafSnap – identify tree species from photographs of their leaves.

And for all the wildflower lovers out there, there are wildflower ID apps available for almost every region and state of the U.S. Use this list of wildflower apps to find one in your area.