Creative Bouquets To Give This Month

With Valentine’s Day right in the middle of the month, February has been named Creative Romance Month. What better way to celebrate romance creatively than with a beautiful, creative floral arrangement from French Florist? Yet if you are going to be creative in honor of the month, you have to think outside of the proverbial box. Instead of the traditional red roses, consider a more creative option this year.

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A Bouquet They’ll Never Forget

Anyone can give a bouquet of red roses. At French Florist, we believe that flowers can be so much more. If you are looking to give a floral gift that won’t soon be forgotten, consider a custom floral arrangement from our skilled Los Angeles team. With a custom designer’s choice arrangement crafted to your specific desires, your gift will make a bold statement, whether for Valentine’s Day or “just because.”

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Pantone’s Bright and Bold Color of the Year

Pantone recently selected Ultra Violet to be its official Color of the Year for 2018. Pantone’s color experts describe the moods and meanings which its color, Ultra Violet, expresses as mysterious, mystical, meditative, and peaceful, inspiring, creative, forward-thinking, and visionary. Our expert designers at French Florist cannot wait to help you celebrate all of 2018’s special occasions with the year’s most popular color.

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Send Your Gals Flowers On Galentine’s Day

If you haven’t celebrated Galentine’s Day (February 13th) before, now’s the time to start. This day devoted to celebrating female friendships is catching on like wildfire, with more and more women electing to honor their besties each year.

The idea sprang from a 2010 episode of NBC’s Parks and Recreation, with main character Leslie Knope taking all of her ladies out to lunch and giving them gifts. Knope dubbed it “Galentine’s Day,” and the rest is history. Here at French Florist, we love the idea of an occasion to fete your friends with flowers. In fact, we’re wondering why it took so long.

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Send Flowers Every Month, All Year Long

There are some resolutions we make that we just won’t keep up. We have the best of intentions, but when it comes to sticking to a goal that we set at New Years, it’s often the case that we can’t quite commit to it for a full year. But we here at French Florist believe that resolutions tied to health and well-being are important, and we’ve got just the thing to help you with that.

Flowers For A Year is a program that promises to fill 2018 with flowers, and it does just that.

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Vibrant Get Well Flowers

There’s no doubt that flowers make us feel better, whether we are the receiver or the giver. But why?

Study after study has looked at the effects of flowers on well being, and made some surprising conclusions. For instance, hospitalized patients who have flowers or potted plants in their room use less pain medication and have lower blood pressure than their flower-less counterparts. A Rutgers researcher found that flowers didn’t just make people happy in the moment they were received, but continued to do so days after. Flowers promote a rosy outlook, oxygenate the air, bring the outdoors in . . . in other words, they are the perfect get well gift, or so we think here at French Florist.

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Winter’s Blue and White Blooms

There are almost too many occasions for which flowers are called for in winter – holidays, parties, romantic dinners by the fire. It’s no wonder that designs tend to get a little more festive and a lot more luxurious during this season; we’re in a good mood, and we want to celebrate.

One of our favorite things about winter flowers here at French Florist is the palette it introduces into our home. Cold-weather blooms can be bold – vibrant red roses and splays of evergreen – or serene, as if taking its cue from the snowy scene elsewhere in the country.

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2018’s Bright Minimalism

French Florist is always looking to add to our bag of floral design tricks, which is why International Floral Distributors trend report for 2018 is something we’re excited to cover. It’s both design inspo and a peek into what everyone will be talking about when it comes to flowers next year.

Of the four trends identified, we’re loving “Incarnation of Earth’s Elements,” which may be a cumbersome mouthful, but we assure you, the look itself is anything but.

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A Holiday Gift Guide Lookbook

We here at French Florist want to give you a taste of what’s filling the pages (and our shelves) of our Holiday Gift Guide, a curated collection of elegant seasonal blooms in an array of striking designs. While it’s hard to narrow down just a couple for your viewing pleasure, we’ve done it, picking two stellar examples of what we mean when we say “holiday flowers.”

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